Tata Sierra Concept Differences Between 2020 And 2023 Auto Expo Display Cars

The Tata Sierra was showcased at the 2023 Auto Expo in a near-production form. Here, we take a look at the key differences between the 2020 Tata Sierra concept and the reimagined version of the iconic SUV showcased at the 2023 Auto Expo.

Tata Sierra Concept

1. 2023 Tata Sierra Concept Features Conventional Doors

The most obvious difference between the 2020 Tata Sierra concept and the 2023 concept SUV are the number of doors. The 2020 Sierra featured an unconventional 4-door layout with a sliding door on the rear left for 2nd row access. While enthusiasts applauded this strong design choice, a single rear door would have made the production-spec Sierra a bit impractical.

The 2023 Sierra concept features 4 regular doors and a tailgate and the production-spec model will retain this layout.

2. Tata Sierra 2023 Loses Rear Curved Glass

The 2020 Sierra concept featured a curved glass window on the right side that resembled the curved glass on the original Sierra from that made its debut in 1991. However, unlike the old Sierra, the 2020 Sierra concept’s rear curved glass was a large panel that also served as a moonroof. The right side of the 2020 Sierra, on the other hand, featured conventional but seamless windows for a streamlined look.

Tata Sierra Concept

Tata have dumped the curved glass design from the 2020 concept for a conventional window. There are several reasons to do so, with the first being structural rigidity. While the curved glass may have offered an obstructed view of the outside, it would have severely affected the structural rigidity of the production-spec SUV. While the car’s base chassis is the integral part that makes a vehicle rigid, the roof headers and roof bows further strengthen the chassis and prevents the vehicle from flexing under load or while driving through bad, undulated stretches. The 2020 Safari featured a roof header at the rear, it lacked a roof bow due to the presence of the curved glass window. Such a design would severely compromise the chassis on the production-spec Sierra. Hence, Tata Motors gave the 2023 Sierra more conventional windows but painted the the edges of the roof in black to give it the appearance of the curved glass from the original Sierra. 

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Tata Sierra Concept

3. 2023 Sierra Features A Cleaner Front End

The 2020 Sierra concept had an aggressive front profile with several interesting design elements, including slim LED DRLs at the front edge of the bonnet, a white enclosed grille with the Tata logo at the centre, octagonal air intakes on the bumper that housed the LED headlamps and a straked silver skid plate. In comparison, the 2023 Sierra concept has ditched these for a rather bland face. It features a thin LED strip that spans the width of the SUV, a chunky plastic panel underneath it and a chunky and, in my opinion, a rather garish looking silver skid plate. The bumper still houses the LED headlamps. However, Tata have dumped the dual LED setup for a single unit on either side. I feel Tata have implanted the 2020 Sierra concept’s front fascia into the recently unveiled Tata Harrier EV, which is a tad disappointing.

Tata Sierra Concept

4. 2023 Tata Sierra Gets Production-Ready Alloy Wheels

The other obvious change in the 2023 Tata Sierra concept is the presence of alloy wheels that look closer to production than the concept style wheels from the 2020 edition of the auto show. While both wheels look almost the same at first glance, a closer look reveals the 2023 Sierra has done away with the petal-like design of the 2020 Sierra’s alloy wheels for star-shaped units. However, both units are machine-cut and look impressive on the Sierra  

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5. Tata Tidies Up 2023 Tata Sierra Rear Profile

Just like the front end of the 2023 Tata Sierra, Tata have tidied up the rear of the concept SUV. The 2020 concept SUV featured a red LED light bar that stretched across the width of the car and sat just under the rear window. The taillamps were mounted inside the pronounced rear haunches, while the skid plate followed the same straked pattern seen at the front. The thick black bumper helped reduce the visual mass at the rear. However, the curvy nature of the rear end did remind me of the Sumo Grande, which was probably one of the worst looking car in Tata’s history of making passenger cars.

While I’m not a fan of the cleaner profile of the 2023 Tata Sierra, the one area where I feel Tata have done a brilliant job is getting rid of the Sumo Grande-like design. The C-pillar of the 2023 Tata Sierra now features a floating white panel that melds into the rear roof spoiler. For me, this change alone makes the the 2023 Tata Sierra look a lot more dynamic. However, I hope Tata goes back to the rear haunch-mounted tail lamps of the 2020 concept for the production-spec version instead of the single LED strip in the new version.

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6. 2023 Tata Sierra Interior Changes

The 2023 Tata Sierra gets several changes on the inside compared to the 2020 concept SUV. First off, it looks more production-read than ever. The dashboard, seats and the overall layout of the concept will inspire the production-spec Sierra a great deal. The dashboard features a sleek touchscreen infotainment system and an all-digital instrument cluster. The rear seats no longer look like an L-shaped sofa and more like seats found in a conventional car. The production-spec Sierra will obviously get rid of the faux grass on the dashboard and faux plant on the rear door armrest. Take a closer look at the 2023 Tata Sierra EV in the video below


The Tata Sierra is closer to production than ever before. Tata Motors suggest that the Sierra EV will go on sale by 2025 with an all-electric powertrain. However, the carmaker is yet to reveal the specifications of the Sierra. It will not be offered with any petrol or diesel engine like the Curvv coupe SUV. We expect the Tata Sierra EV to offer a range of over 500km.

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