6 Features Hyundai i20 N Line Offers Over New Tata Altroz Racer

Recently, we took a look at the features the 2024 Tata Altroz Racer’s top and base variants offer over the Hyundai i20 N Line’s top and base variant. Now, let’s take a look at the features the i20 N Line offers but the Altroz Racer.

2024 Hyundai i20 N Line Vs Tata Altroz Racer

Here’s a list of features that are available in the 2024 i20 N Line but not available in the 2024 Altroz Racer:

1. 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

Both the N6 and N8 variants of the Hyundai i20 N Line are available with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission that offers quick shifts with a manual override function using the steering wheel-mounted shifter paddles. In comparison, the Tata Altroz Racer is not available with an automatic transmission in any of its variants. 

2. Rear Disc Brakes

The i20 N Line offers rear disc brakes as standard while the Tata Altroz Racer gets rear drum brakes only. Rear disc brakes offer several advantages over rear drum brakes, including better heat dissipation for consistent braking performance. Disc brakes also tend to experience less wear and tear compared to drum brakes as their open design prevents the buildup of dust and dirt, which can cause abrasion in drum brakes. Disc brakes are also easier to replace as they are easily visible and accessible unlike drum brakes that require disassembly of the drums.

3. Hill Start Assist

Both manual and automatic variants of the i20 N Line offer hill start assist, a handy feature that helps prevent your car from rolling backwards when starting uphill from a stopped position. None of the Altroz Racer’s 3 variants offer this safety feature.

4. Subwoofer

While all variants of the Tata Altroz Racer offer an 8-speaker (4 speakers + 4 tweeters) sound system, they do not offer a subwoofer. The Hyundai i20 N Line’s top N8 variant offers a 7-speaker sound system which comprises 4 speakers, 2 tweeters and a subwoofer to enhance the listening experience inside the cabin. On the other hand, the N6 variant of the i20 N Line only offers a 6-speaker sound system consisting of 4 speakers and 2 tweeters. 

5. Sporty Metal Pedals

The i20 N Line offers sporty metal pedals in both N6 and N8 variants while the Tata Altroz Racer gets conventional foot pedals. Metal pedals provide better grip, especially in wet conditions, due to their textured surface. This can be beneficial for performance driving or situations where your shoes might be wet or slippery. Metal pedals also add a more stylish and sporty aesthetic to your car's interior, appealing to drivers who want a more performance-oriented look. Finally, high-quality metal pedals can be more durable than rubber pedals, especially against wear and tear from frequent use.

6. Sporty Twin Tip Mufflers

Hyundai offer both the N6 and N8 variants of the i20 N Line with sporty twin tip mufflers finished in chrome whereas the Tata Altroz Racer’s exhaust tip is hidden behind the rear bumper. While a chrome-finished twin tip muffler doesn’t add any functional value to a car, it gives onlookers a perception of sportiness.

Noteworthy Feature Difference Between i20 N Line Base and Altroz Racer Base Variants

Projector Fog Lamps Vs. Reflector

The Hyundai i20 N Line base variant offers a projector fog lamp over the Tata Altroz Racer’s conventional reflector-type fog lamp. A projector fog lamp offers a sharper beam pattern, which heps illuminate the road better in foggy or rainy conditions. The sharper beam pattern also minimises glare for oncoming drivers, which helps improve overall safety on the road.

All 3-Point Seatbelts

The Hyundai i20 N Line offers 3-point seatbelts for all passengers while the Tata Altroz Racer gets a lap belt for the 2nd row middle passenger. A 3-point seatbelt distributes the force of a collision across three points - shoulders, lap, and hips. This significantly reduces the risk of serious injuries like spinal cord damage, head injuries, and internal organ trauma compared to a lap belt, which only restrains the hips.

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2024 Tata Altroz Racer Vs Hyundai i20 N Line Spec and Price Comparison

The Altroz Racer features the Nexon’s 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine. Compared to the standard Altroz turbo petrol, the Altroz Racer puts out 10PS more power and 30Nm more torque. Now, let’s compare how the Tata Altroz Racer stacks up against its primary rival, the Hyundai i20 N Line:



Altroz Racer


I20 N Line










120PS @ 5500rpm


120PS @ 6000rpm


170Nm @ 1750 - 4000rpm


172Nm @ 1500 - 4500rpm





The Tata Altroz Racer and Hyundai i20 N Line produce near identical power and torque outputs. The Altroz Racer is only available with a 6-speed manual gearbox at launch. It remains to be seen if Tata offer the Altroz Racer with a dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) at a later stage.


Altroz Racer R1


I20 N Line N6 Dual Tone

Rs. 9,49,000

Rs. 70,400

Rs. 10,19,400

Altroz Racer R3


I20 N Line N8 Dual Tone

Rs. 10,99,000

Rs. 42,800

Rs. 11,41,800

We selected the N6 dual-tone and N8 dual-tone variant of the i20 N Line for a fair comparison as the Altroz Racer offers dual-tone exterior colours as standard in all variants. The Altroz Racer R3 variant is between Rs. 42,800 and Rs. 70,400 more affordable than the 2024 i20 N Line dual-tone manual variants.

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