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In response to a customer’s query regarding the Nexon’s price, Tata Motors’ official Instagram account manager suggested that it would start from Rs. 7.39 lakh (ex-showroom). That’s a shockingly low starting price, considering that the older Nexon’s prices started from Rs. 8.0 lakh (ex-showroom).

Tata Neoxn Starting Price

Update Sep 10, 2023: Tata Motors have reached out to us and confirmed that these are not indicative of the actual prices of the Nexon. They have also removed the comment from their account. Their statement is in line with our expectations that the Nexon 2023 coulnd't start around Rs. 7.40 lakh. The link to go through our Nexon's expected prices is in the article. We'll find out the exact prices in just a few days as Tata will launch the new Nexon on September 14, 2023.

Whether to believe this starting price or not is up to you. The fact that the prices of the Maruti Suzuki Brezza, which is the B2-segment SUV leader, starts at Rs. 8.30 lakh and sells in huge numbers demonstrates the buying power of small SUV buyers. We see no need to start the Nexon’s prices from Rs. 7.39 lakh as there’s probably enough demand for the Nexon to justify a higher starting price. The Nexon also gets a few additional features as standard to maintain the starting price, if not increase it.

Our estimates are that the Tata Nexon's prices could start from Rs. 8.0 lakh (the same as older Nexon) for the Smart variant with the petrol-manual powertrain. On the higher side, the prices could stretch up to Rs. 14.70 lakh for the Fearless Plus (S) variant with the diesel-automatic (AMT) powertrain. To know our variant-wise expected prices of the new Nexon, you can visit the following link:

Updated: New Tata Nexon Variant-wise Expected Price - With Logic

To find out all the standard and new features of the Nexon’s base Smart variant, you can visit the following link:

Tata Nexon Base Model Missing Features, New Features & Standard Features

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Besides the Brezza, the Nexon also competes with the Hyundai Venue, which recently got ADAS features in an update. Speaking of Nexon’s rivals, the XUV300 also recently got a new W2 base variant, bringing its starting price down to Rs. 7.99 lakh. While the competition is obviously heating up in the B2 SUV space, a starting price of Rs. 7.39 lakh for the Nexon Smart petrol-manual would suggest that there’s trouble ahead for the economy and the auto industry.

A startlingly low starting price points to the demand drying up. It also suggests that we’re past the peak and heading towards the next slowdown. So, on the one hand, we hope the Nexon 2023 brings an affordable price tag, on the other hand, we hope for the economy and the auto sector to hold its own in the coming quarters.

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