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The Hyundai Verna 2023 is the latest C2-segment sedan in India and it rivals the recently-updated Honda City facelift. In this article, we compare the mid variants of both the sedans and list 9 features that the Hyundai Verna SX offers but the Honda City V doesn’t.

Features Hyundai Verna SX Gets Over Honda City V

1. Curtain Airbags

While both the Honda City V and Verna SX offer dual front and side thorax airbags, the Verna SX also offers side curtain airbags, increasing the airbag count to 6 over the City’s 4 airbags.

2. Height Adjustable Seatbelts

The 2023 Verna SX variant also offers height adjustable seatbelts, which are missing in not only the City V variant but also in the City ZX variant. A height-adjustable seatbelt lets people adjust the height of the seatbelt for better comfort and safety.

3. Front Parking Sensors

While both the Verna SX and City V offer rear parking sensors along with a reverse parking camera, the Verna SX also offers front parking sensors. Front parking sensors give you an idea about the clearance up ahead and help park the car with ease.

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4. Auto IRVM

The Verna SX offers an auto dimming inside rear view mirror whereas the City V only offers auto IRVM in its top ZX variant. An auto dimming IRVM automatically shifts to night mode and cuts down all the reflections from vehicles behind.

5. Cornering Lamps

The Verna SX offers LED headlights along with cornering lamps. The Honda City V, on the other hand, offers halogen-based projector headlights and lacks cornering lamps. Cornering lamps light up the corners of the road while you make a turn. It makes driving at night safe and effortless.

6. Wireless Phone Charger

The Verna SX offers a wireless phone charger whereas the City V offers wired USB charging only. The Verna SX also offers wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay whereas the City V offers wired connectivity.

7. Drive Modes

The normal petrol automatic and turbo petrol variants of the Verna SX offer drive modes whereas the City V doesn’t offer any drive modes for the engine. Drive modes change the engine response and owners get the option to balance fuel efficiency and performance as per their need.

8. Sunroof

The Verna SX offers an electronic sunroof whereas the City V doesn’t offer a sunroof. It is worth mentioning that both VX and ZX variants of the City offer electronic sunroof.

9. Ambient Lighting

The Verna SX offers blue colour cabin ambient lighting that lights up the dashboard, door cards and footwell. The City V, on the other hand, doesn’t offer cabin ambient lighting.

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