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At the global unveil of the C3 Aircross, Citroen confirmed the launch of another model based on their heavily-localised C-cubed platform. Citroen’s C-cubed platform already underpins models like the C3, eC3 and the upcoming C3 Aircross.

Citroen 4th C-Cubed Model

4th Citroen Model Based On C-Cubed Platform Incoming

The upcoming Citroen model will be the 4th vehicle to be underpinned by the C-cubed platform. Citroen will launch the new model in 2024. We are yet to get the details about its body style or the engine and transmission that will power it, but we expect Citroen to give us a sneak peek into the product later this year in the form of a concept or pre-production model.

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Currently, all 3 models based on the C-cubed platform sport an SUV bodystyle. It remains to be seen whether Citroen continue to capitalise on the popularity of SUVs or design their fourth offering for the Indian market as an MPV or a sedan. Since the C3 and C3 Aircross enjoy over 90% localisation, we expect the future model to also offer similar levels of localisation.

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Meanwhile, the C3 Aircross will go up against a myriad of C-segment models, including both SUV and MPV body styles. The C-segment is currently ruled by the Hyundai Creta thanks to its long list of features and Hyundai’s brand recall. The C3 Aircross is likely to undercut the Hyundai Creta by a considerable margin owing to its limited set of features and single powertrain option. To know more about the features and launch timeline of the C3 Aircross, click the link below to read our story.

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