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We recently reported about the upcoming Hyundai cars price hike in January 2024. Now, we’ve learned that Hyundai are clearing up inventory at old, December 2023 prices. Once that is under control, they will increase the prices in January 2024. So, right now, you can grab your favourite Hyundai car at older prices.

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They had confirmed to the media in December that they would revise the prices in January. The price changes usually happen at the beginning of every month. While we managed to get our hands on exclusive information about the magnitude of variant wise price hike for each car, the same is yet to be reflected on Hyundai India’s official website. According to our source, the new prices are likely to start showing up on Hyundai’s site sometime in the second week of January 2024.

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In terms of the price changes, our estimation of a nominal hike of up to 1-2% is pretty much in line with the information we have received from our source. Here’s a quick look at the magnitude of the price hike for most Hyundai cars:




Approx Price Hike

Grand i10 Nios

~0.60 - 1.35%


~0.50 - 1.0%


~1.10 - 2.15%


~0.15 - 0.70%


~0.40 - 1.12%


Awaiting facelift launch


~0.20 - 0.40%


~0.20 - 0.30%


No Change

Among these cars, the Exter will get the biggest price hike of more than 1% for all variants. In fact, 2 of the variants are even getting a price hike of more than 2%. Rest of the cars will get a nominal price jump in January 2024.

You can visit the following link to see the variant-wise price increases, which will come into effect for each of the mass market Hyundai cars:

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Prices Hiked By Up To Rs. 7,900 In January 2024

Hyundai Aura Prices Hiked By Up To Rs. 7,900 In January 2024

Hyundai i20 Prices Hiked By Up To Rs. 4,900 In January 2024

Hyundai Exter Prices Hiked By Up To Rs. 12,900 In January 2024

Hyundai Venue Prices Hiked By Up To Rs. 11,900 In January 2024

Hyundai Verna Prices Hiked By Up To Rs. 3,900 In January 2024

Hyundai Alcazar Prices Hiked By Up To Rs. 4,900 In January 2024

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