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In this article, we take a look at 10 new features the Tata Punch EV offers over its ICE variants. Bookings for the Punch EV are currently open for a token amount of Rs. 21,000 and the electric SUV is likely to launch later this month. Without further ado, here are the unique features of Punch EV.

Tata Punch EV

1. Frunk

The Tata Punch EV offers a frunk (a trunk/boot at the front) that can be used to store various knick-knacks and/or the charging cable needed to top up its batteries. While Tata are yet to reveal the exact luggage capacity of the frunk, their ‘at a glance’ images reveal a fairly spacious cavity for storing a medium-sized duffle bag. All variants of the Tata Punch EV get the frunk feature.

2. Electronic Parking Brake

The Punch EV also gets an electronic parking brake over the Punch ICE. The electronically actuated handbrake also comes with auto-hold function, which prevents the car from rolling away accidentally while standing still or setting off. All variants of the Tata Punch EV get the electronic parking brake with auto-hold feature.

3. 360-degree Surround View System

Also unique to the Punch EV is a 360-degree surround view system. This system offers a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings to make parking easier. The 360-degree surround view feature is only available with the Empowered Plus variant of the Punch EV.  

4. Leatherette Ventilated Seats

Another feature that’s limited to the top Empowered Plus variant of the Tata Punch EV is leatherette seats all around. The light grey leatherette seats make the cabin of the Tata Punch EV feel airy. Moreover, the driver and front passenger also get a ventilated seat function. 

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5. 6 Airbags

The Tata Punch EV also gets 6 airbags as standard across all of its 4 variants – Smart, Adventure, Empowered and Empowered Plus. The Punch ICE, on the other hand, gets dual airbags as standard. The addition of 6 standard airbags should help the Tata Punch EV achieve an even better safety rating than the Punch ICE in upcoming Bharat NCAP crash tests. 

6. Connected DRLs

Another unique feature of the Tata Punch EV over its petrol and CNG counterparts is the connected DRLs. The connected DRLs are similar to what’s offered with the Nexon and Nexon EV facelifts. We expect this feature to eventually make its way into the Punch ICE when it’s due for a facelift.

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7. 10.24-inch Digital Instrument Cluster

The top Empowered Plus variant of the Tata Punch EV gets a 10.24-inch digital instrument cluster, while the Empowered variant gets a smaller 7-inch digital cockpit. The lower variants are expected to feature a similar instrument cluster as the Tiago EV and Tigor EV. 

8. 10.24-Inch Touchscreen Infotainment System

As reported by us earlier, the Tata Punch EV gets a larger 10.24-inch touchscreen infotainment system over the 7-inch touchscreen in the Punch petrol and CNG. However, the larger screen is exclusive to the Empowered and Empowered Plus variant while the Adventure variant gets a 7-inch touchscreen. The base Smart variants does not get a touchscreen infotainment system.

9. Blind Spot View Monitor

The Empowered Plus variant of the Tata Punch EV gets an additional safety feature in the form of a blind spot view monitor. A blind spot monitor keeps an eye on the space just off the rear quarter areas of your car and alerts you when there’s a vehicle behind.

10. Air Purifier

Last but not least, the Tata Punch EV also offers an air purifier over its ICE counterparts. However, the air purifier with AQI display is only available in Empowered and Empowered Plus variants. Car air purifiers filter the air inside the vehicle and gets rid of smoke, dust, pollutants and other respiratory irritants.

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