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Maruti Suzuki have launched their 2022 Winter Campaign to encourage customers to choose Maruti Suzuki Genuine parts and accessories for their vehicles. It is important to use good quality parts to ensure optimum vehicle performance and safety. Maruti Suzuki are one of the Indian car makers that make their spare parts easily accessible to customers and businesses.

Maruti Genuine Parts

The campaign focuses on the vehicle service and maintenance needs specific to the winter season. This includes checking and servicing the headlamps and fog lamps, batteries, brakes, and coolants. Maruti Suzuki want to create awareness among their customers about their wide range of genuine parts and accessories.

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Maruti Suzuki are one of the most popular car brands in India. This is mainly because of 5 reasons: 

  • A wide sales and service network
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • High resale value

It is convenient to get your vehicle serviced by booking an appointment online on the Maruti Suzuki Service website or mobile app. However, since Maruti Genuine Parts are easier to source, you can also get your car serviced at a workshop of your choice that uses Maruti Suzuki certified parts. Using good quality parts and accessories helps maintain your car in the best condition and also increases its life.

Maruti Suzuki are known to produce some of the most fuel-efficient cars in India. Also, compared to other brands in the market, Maruti Suzuki parts are relatively cheaper and easily available. Both fuel-efficiency and cheaper parts significantly reduce the cost of ownership.

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Listed below are some parts and accessories from Maruti Suzuki’s website which could be specifically useful in the winter season:



Fog lamps

Provides better visibility in foggy conditions.

Tyre inflator

Comes in handy because tyre pressure reduces with dropping temperatures.

Braking system parts

Improves braking on slippery roads.


Ensure a clean windshield.


Battery capacity drops in cold weather.

Maruti Suzuki have one of the widest service networks in the country. This means customers can conveniently find a service center closest to them and get their vehicle serviced. Alternatively, customers can also source parts directly from the Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts or the Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessories website.

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