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After the Urban Cruiser, Toyota have now removed the Innova Crysta from their official website. It’s unclear at the moment if the body-on-frame Innova Crysta will make a comeback with a rebadge or not. If it doesn’t, then we should assume that the Hycross will serve as the official replacement for the Crysta carrying the Innova torch forward.

Innova Crysta

Update: We have learned that the Toyota Innova Crysta will come back on sale and the bookings for the Innova Crysta could open as early as January 2023.

It’s worth noting that Toyota have also removed the Innova Crysta from the virtual showroom page. This is an unexpected move because of 3 reasons, which we’ll discuss in detail.

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1. Rumours Suggested That Crysta Would Remain On Sale

Rumours were floating around the web from several publications ahead of the Hycross unveil suggesting that the Innova Crysta would continue to remain on sale even after the Hycross launch. The Crysta has an MPV-ish body style while the Hycross has an SUV-ish side profile. Keeping this in mind, I see room for the 2 cars to co-exist in Toyota’s portfolio. Those who are interested in the SUV form factor can choose the Hycross while those who prefer a utilitarian MPV stance can go with the Crysta. The unfortunate removal of Crysta from the website could force all buyers to converge on the Innova Hycross.


2. Innova Crysta Still has A Following

The Crysta has a body-on-frame construction, which is a lot more abuse-friendly than monocoque frames. The Innova Crysta can easily find a unique set of buyers, especially among commercial and fleet operators, who truly exploit the vehicles well during the ownership process. Such car owners appreciate a ladder-frame construction even if it means a bit more body roll and poor efficiency because of much heavier kerb weight.

3. Hycross Is Automatic Only

Speaking of fleet operators, the lack of a manual transmission makes the Hycross a difficult choice for such buyers. The commercial buyers aren’t too worried about the convenience factor as they are comfortable driving a manual transmission. The 3 reasons for this choice are as follows:

  • A manual transmission is technically more reliable because of its simpler mechanicals
  • Manual transmission vehicles are much cheaper than automatics
  • An automatic transmission of torque converter type has poor fuel efficiency, especially in stop-and-go traffic conditions

It’s unclear if the Hycross will get a manual transmission option or not. But so far, Toyota have only informed us about the automatic transmission variants of the car. There are 2 engine options — a 2.0L normal petrol engine with CVT automatic and a 2.0L hybrid petrol engine, also with CVT automatic transmission. The Hycross hybrid has a healthy fuel efficiency figure of 21.1kmpl, which is high enough to entice 3-row MPV and SUV buyers with high usage.


Toyota also recently removed the Urban Cruiser from their website, hinting at a potential replacement for the car. The Toyota-branded Brezza could carry the Taisor name as they have recently trademarked this name.

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