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Recently, Ola Electric revealed their plans to step into the 4-wheeler electric vehicle market. While Ola teased their upcoming electric coupe with some impressive figures, a lot of the details are still behind curtains. Ahead of its launch that is slated for 2024, we break down the details to calculate the expected price of Ola Electric’s upcoming EV coupe.

Ola Electric Car

Ola has stated that it will manufacture the C1, along with multiple components like battery cells and electric motors, right here in India. The C1 coupe is expected to offer a range of over 500km on a single charge. In addition to that, it will be the fastest car produced in India. Currently, the BMW 340i xDrive holds that crown. Ola claim the C1 coupe will do the 0-100kmph sprint in 4 seconds.

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The Ola C1 coupe will also include features like keyless entry with no doors handles, ADAS capabilities and an all-glass roof. While the claims are quite bold, Ola said that the C1 Coupe will bosat self driving capabilities, with little to no intervention from the driver. The C1 Coupe will be the first electric 4-wheeler from Ola, which will be followed by 5 more electric vehicles in the coming future.

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With all the tech onboard, we expect nothing short of a mouth-watering price tag for Ola's 1st electric car. If it costs under Rs. 20 lakh (ex-showroom), then this could become a serious value-for-money proposition. With such pricing, the Ola Electric car could become the 1st EV capable of putting a dent in the sales volumes of petrol and diesel cars.

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