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Tata Motors recently announced a price hike of up to 0.9%. However, as a gesture of goodwill, the carmaker confirmed that customers who booked a Tata car on or before January 18 will get price protection from the recent price hike.

Tata Motors

Due to this price protection, customers who booked their car before or on the day of the price hike will not have to pay the increased prices, which is sometimes the case. If price protection is not offered from the brand, some dealers may charge increased prices from the customers during the delivery. Price protection offers a peace of mind to the customers who can’t take delivery readily because of the limited supply on the production side.

Tata Motors blame the increase in input costs for this price hike. They are trying to pass on some of the effects of this price increase to the customers. The global pandemic is the major reason for the increase in costs of raw materials as it has disrupted the supply chain around the world.

Tata recently launched the Dark Edition of Safari this week. They also launched the CNG versions of Tiago and Tigor. You can read more about it from below.

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  1. S Shivam says:
    April 13 2022 09:29:01

    Kindly guide ..i m getting delivery on 14April.Booked on 27th dec...dealer is saying policy was till 31st March not considering price protection.

  2. N Natraj says:
    May 02 2022 15:50:49

    Yes same thing happened to me also The Dealer is telling delivery after March 2022 will have new Price irrespective of whenever you have booked it .

  3. K Kiran Tathe says:
    May 06 2022 08:36:58

    Sir, I book TATA punch adventure AMT car on 05.01.2022. Till now car is not delivered to me by dealer. Also Dealer says that price protection is only upto 3 months. Please guide about this.

  4. S Shailesh Kumar says:
    May 07 2022 15:05:44

    I have booked my TATA punch pure MT on 29th December and at the time of delivery dealer demand current rate of car and say no price protection given by Tata please guide me

  5. S Sumit Dahiya says:
    May 07 2022 16:59:10

    Sir, I booked TATA punch pure on 2nd November 2021. Till now car has not been delivered to me by dealer. Also Dealer says that price protection is not applicable and i will have to pay thr hiked prices at the time of delivery. Please provide some guidance sir.

  6. S Sanil says:
    May 15 2022 16:46:44

    I have booked tata punch on Feb 17th I am getting the delivery this month may can I get price protection

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