Mahindra XUV 3XO Pros & Cons

Check out pros and cons about the Mahindra XUV 3XO that are worth highlighting for a potential buyer. Here are some of the highlights of the benefits of buying the Mahindra XUV 3XO. We'll also list out the XUV 3XO drawbacks to help you make an informed buying decision.

XUV 3XO Advantanges
  • 3 Engine Options — Each With Manual And Automatic Transmission

    For its class, the XUV 3XO has the highest number of engine-transmission combinations or powertrain options. The Venue also has 3 engines but its 1.2L normal petrol and the 1.5L turbo diesel don’t get automatic transmission. The Sonet also has 3 engine options but its 1.2L normal petrol doesn’t get an automatic.

    The Nexon technically matches the 3XO’s powertrain count by having the same turbo petrol engine with a 5-speed and a 6-speed manual transmission options. The Nexon’s same turbo petrol engine also has a DCT and AMT automatic transmission option bringing the total powertrain count to 6 — same as the 3XO.

    But the XUV3XO has 6 powertrain options that are meaningfully distinct. There are 2 turbo petrol engine options each with a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed TC automatic transmission. But the 2 engines have a different performance profile.

  • Best-In-Class Torque Figures (And Good Mileage Too)

    While the XUV 3XO isn’t the most fuel efficient in its class, it’s surprisingly fuel efficient. What’s remarkable about its mileage figures is that they come with the class-leading torque output. Even the base turbo petrol engine of the XUV3XO has the best-in-class torque output. With the direct injection, the engine creates a large-enough gap that nothing can beat it for the foreseeable future. Not only does it offer better torque, the 3XO also handily beats Venue, Sonet and Nexon in terms of mileage.

    While its base petrol engine has an ARAI mileage figure of ~18-19kmpl, the more powerful one has a claimed mileage figure of 20.01kmpl with the manual transmission. The crazy torque output coupled with the fantastic mileage figures make this powertrain an exciting one in its class. What we find astonishing is that it is more fuel efficient than the Brezza. Mileage used to be the one thing Maruti Suzuki are good at and the one thing Mahindra struggled with. The 3XO changes all of that.

  • Segment-Benchmark In Terms Of Features

    The XUV3XO sets new segment benchmarks in terms of features. It’s the first car to offer the full ADAS suite. Also the first one to bring a panoramic sunroof to the B2 SUV segment at a time when some B2 SUVs don’t even offer a small sunroof.

  • AX5 Variant Misses Some Features (Shouldn’t That Be A -ve Point For 3XO?)

    Now, this is something we don’t usually do. But on this rare occasion, we’d like to take the opportunity to find some faults with the AX5 variant and call it a positive thing in favour of the 3XO. It doesn’t get an auto-dimming inside mirror and a cooled glovebox, which are otherwise available in some more affordable cars.

    If you have been through our 3XO Variants Explained article or video, then you already know that at a modest launch price of Rs. 12.19 lakh (ex-showroom), the AX5 variant offers pretty much all that you get in the top variant of some of the B2 SUVs. We usually do this thing with the top variants and place that piece of content in the Cons section. But this time, the mid-spec AX5 is so well loaded that we can’t help but wish it offered a couple more features and just felt like a top variant car in its segment.

    Naturally, the feature distribution and the value price tag earns the AX5 our top recommendation for all XUV3XO buyers. The fact that we’re comparing it with the top variants of other cars is an extremely good sign for the 3XO.

  • Fantastic Starting Price (With Good Feature Distribution Too)

    This is another rare thing we don’t often see in most cars and especially not in B2 SUVs. The 3XO’s base variant is so well loaded that it makes tremendous sense to just buy the 3XO MX1 instead of a hatchback or a small sedan. At Rs. 7.49 lakh (ex-showroom), the 3XO not only beats all B2 SUVs in terms of asking price, it even beats several smaller hatchbacks with better value for money.

    The nice feature distribution also makes it quite usable. All you need is a music system, wheel covers, TPMS and central locking. These features are also fairly easy to install post purchase. Only the steering-mounted controls and height-adjustable driver seat come across as features that are difficult to install from the aftermarket

  • Value-For-Money Pricing For Higher Variants

    As if the base variant pricing wasn’t enough, Mahindra went ahead and made even the higher variants value for money. AX5 and higher variants, all offer tremendous value for money. Only the lower mid-spec variants like the MX2 Pro, MX3 and MX3 Pro come across as overpriced. MX1 and all of the top 4 variants are worth buying at their respective price points. This is again a rare thing to see, especially in the B2 SUV space.

  • ADAS Features Positioned As Optional

    Speaking of features, Mahindra did a great thing with the ADAS. So, think of the AX5 as the variant that’s comparable with the top models of other B2 SUVs. Then the AX5L adds ADAS kit to the mix for those who want a taste of the technology without stretching for the top model. Those who don’t yet trust the ADAS tech but want luxurious features like a panoramic sunroof can buy the AX7. And if you want it all, the AX7 L is for you. Not to mention, all 4 of these variants also offer good value. So, you can buy either one without compromising on the VFM front.

  • Expect Superior Reliability With Turbo Petrol Engines

    Given Mahindra’s experience with diesel engines, you can rest assured that the XUV 3XO diesels will perform well and reliably during the ownership. But the 1.2L turbo petrol engines also have been around long enough for Mahindra to have ironed out the bugs. You can see Mahindra’s confidence in the turbo petrol engines in the powertrain positioning.

    First of all, the 3XO starts at a very affordable price and with good feature distribution. This makes it vulnerable to the criticism of the very demanding mass market buyers. Then, the turbo petrol with direct injection is the only option available with the top 3 variants. So, Mahindra seem confident enough of the turbo DI engine’s reliability that they didn’t even bother offering the base turbo petrol engine as an option.

    Then, comes the new torque converter automatic. While the combination of 1.2L turbo petrol with the 6-speed torque converter is new, this automatic transmission itself has been around several years. In fact, this same transmission does duty in the more powerful and torquey Scorpio N and XUV700 diesel. So, the 3XO’s modest torque output shouldn’t stress it enough to cause any widespread and significant issues during the long-term ownership.

XUV 3XO Disadvantanges
  • Automatic Transmission Carries A Steep Premium

    Besides the MX2 Pro petrol-automatic, other variants of the 3XO with the torque converter automatic carry a steep premium of Rs. 1.50 lakh. We believe that for high-end automatic transmissions like the CVT, TC and DCT, a premium of Rs. 1.0 lakh is justified. In the ‘L’ variants, the gap seems better justified as the automatic transmission also gets the adaptive cruise control.

    Similarly, the diesel-AMT costs Rs. 80,000 more than the comparable manual transmission when the industry standard is around Rs. 50,000.

  • Mid Spec Variants Offer Poor Value For Money

    Besides the base MX1 variant and the AX5 or higher variants, the mid-spec variants like MX2, MX2 Pro, MX3 and MX3 Pro come across as expensive. If you consider the MX1 variant as the baseline, then these variants come across as overpriced if you factor in the incremental cost and compare it with the additional features in mid variants.

  • Styling May Divide Opinions

    The XUV300 had a very mass-market friendly design. Nothing exorbitant but nothing dull either. The 3XO takes the styling aspect to a new level and makes it a talking point. The thing with talking points is that they tend to divide opinions, that’s why they become the talking points. So, some buyers may find it attractive while some may hate the design. Regardless, there will always be some buyers who look past the design and simply buy the car for the sheer value for money it offers.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control Not Available With Manual Transmission

    The ADAS suite is available with the higher petrol variants but if you buy the 3XO with the manual transmission, then you don’t get the adaptive cruise control. You still get the rest of the ADAS package, but not the adaptive cruise control. Honda, and now, Hyundai, have shown us that it’s totally possible to have adaptive cruise control with the manual transmission. So, it’s clearly not a technological hurdle.

  • ADAS Not Available With Diesel

    Speaking of adaptive cruise control, the diesel variants don’t even get the ADAS kit even with the automatic transmission. XUV3XO diesel buyers can’t even buy the affordable AX5 L variant with the ADAS tech. So, there’s only one 3XO variant, AX7 L, which gets the ADAS tech, that too without the adaptive cruise control.

  • Smallest-In-Segment Boot Space, Lowest-In-Segment Ground Clearance

    The XUV300’s 180mm ground clearance is barely enough to justify carrying the SUV tag. Moreover, the long wheelbase, which helps with better leg room, eats into the boot space making its cargo capacity the smallest in the segment. Mostly addressed with the 2024 XUV 3XO model update. Boot space is now 295 litres, which is still smaller than others but much better than before. And, the ground clearance now measures 201mm, which is better than the Citroen C3, Maruti Fronx and Hyundai Venue, which have a 180-190mm ground clearance.

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