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While the new Tata Safari and Harrier get pretty much the same features in the top models, there are a few that will remain exclusive to the bigger Safari. In this article, we’ll count down the top 7 features, which are exclusively available in Safari and not available with the Harrier.

Tata Safari Facelift

1. 3rd Row Seating

3rd Row Seats

This one is fairly straightforward as most of you already know that Safari gets 3-row seating.

2. 3rd Row AC Vents

3rd Row AC Vents

Now that we mentioned 3rd row seats, the Safari doesn’t just make room for them, it also makes them comfortable. The 3rd row occupants also get dedicated AC vents to effectively circulate cool air throughout the cabin.

3. Captain Seats

Captain Seats

The Safari facelift has the option of a bench seat as well as separate captain seats in the 2nd row. While it cuts down the max passenger capacity of the Safari, it offers the comfort of front row seats in the 2nd row.

4. 2nd Row Ventilated Seats

2nd Row Ventilated Seats

Speaking of comfort in the 2nd row, the Safari also gets seat ventilation in the 2nd row if you buy it with the captain chairs. This makes the Safari quite unique and feel quite luxurious as very few cars (if any) in India offer this feature even in cars up to Rs. 1.0 crore (ex-showroom).

5. Boss Mode

Bose Mode

On the subject of luxury, the boss mode makes it easy for the left 2nd row passenger to make more leg room without getting out of the chair. The boss mode lever allows you to slide the front passenger seat forward and limit its recline to increase the leg space when the front passenger seat is unoccupied. In the higher variants with the electric front passenger seat, the ‘boss’ can use this feature with buttons instead of moving a lever.

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6. Ambient Lighting

Ambient Light

While both cars get ambient lighting on the dashboard, the Safari also gets soothing ambient lights around the panoramic sunroof, door trim and the floor console.

7. Soft-touch Dashboard


The Safari further improves the ambience for front seat occupants with a soft-touch dashboard. This feature is not available in the Harrier. Moreover, the car also gets an anti-reflective top layer to make it safer to drive the car on bright sunny days.

Bonus: 8. 19-inch Alloys

Alloy Wheels

The Harrier also gets 19-inch alloy wheels but they are exclusively available with the black exterior colour. Besides offering larger alloys in Dark variants, the Safari facelift also gets 19-inch alloy wheels in the Accomplished and Accomplished Plus trims even if you opt for a non-dark trim.

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  1. K Krishna says:
    February 05 2024 06:51:29

    What about middle-row adjustable seats? Front and Back and Recline too.

  2. K Krishna says:
    February 05 2024 06:51:32

    What about middle-row adjustable seats? Front and Back and Recline too.

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