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Tata recently revealed the Harrier 2023 and opened bookings for their flagship SUV. In this article, we’ll go over all of the exterior colour options of the new 2023 Tata Harrier facelift. We’ll also tell you about our top colour pick for the new Harrier 2023, which will give you exclusivity, elegance and better road safety.

Tata Harrier 2023 Facelift

Here’s a quick look at the variant-wise available colour options of the 2023 Harrier facelift:




Smart (O)

Pure (O)

Adventure & Derivatives

Fearless & Derivatives

Light Grey (Ash Grey)


Dark Grey (Pebble Grey)





With Dark variant only

1. Yellow (Sunlit Yellow)


Yellow is one of the new colour options for the 2023 Harrier facelift and certainly one of the boldest. If you want your Harrier to look new and stand out on the road, then this is the colour to pick.


While it is plenty loud, the shade is a bit subtle compared to that of the yellow Tiago, which was on sale from 2020 to around mid-2021. So, it will appear new and bold but not unreasonably loud.

Unlike with the Safari, which looks better to me in a toned down brown shade, for some reason, the Harrier is looking best in this brash, bright yellow shade. Besides being somewhat loud, it also has the added benefit of being easy to spot. Making yourself visible to other road users certainly helps with safety as it reduces the chances of traffic running into you.

This colour option is only available with the top-spec Fearless and its derived variants.

2. Red (Coral Red)


Red is one of the colours carried over from the older Harrier. This too has the advantage of being somewhat bold without screaming “look at me”. That’s because a standard red shade is fairly common on our roads.

The red exterior colour options is available with the Adventure and Fearless variants and their respective derivatives.

3. White (Lunar White)


When you don’t know which colour to pick, you can just select white and know that you can’t go wrong with it ever. White is one of the few evergreen exterior colour options for any car. Moreover, this colour makes your SUV easily visible from a distance even in the dark. So, there’s an added benefit of safety as well.

The white colour is the only one which is available in all variants of the Harrier facelift.

4. Black (Oberon Black)


Just like the white colour, black is also an evergreen option and it looks better on larger cars. The black colour also gets #Dark badges and matching black alloy wheels. It also seems to get a different design for the wheels than all other Harrier options. While it brings stealth with it, this dark shade also makes you less visible to other road users, especially at night. So, in the interest of safety, we suggest you skip darker colours, especially this black one.

Black colour is only available in the Dark edition of the Adventure and Fearless variants and their derivatives.

5. Brownish Grey (Pebble Grey)


For those who want to fly under the radar without compromising on safety, this grey shade is a good option.

The dark grey colour option is available with the Adventure and Fearless variants of the 2023 Harrier facelift and their derivatives.

6. Light Grey (Ash Grey)


If the slight brownish hue in the grey is not your cup of tea, then this standard grey should suit your tastes. This one too is not bold enough to attract too much attention but makes itself more visible to other road users than the stealthy black colour.

The light grey exterior colour option is available in lower two, Smart (O) and Pure (O) variants of the Harrier 2023.

7. Green (Seaweed Green)


Somehow, this new shade of green doesn’t go with my tastes. While it does make it clear that your Harrier is the new one, it doesn’t make me want to stare at the car for any longer than I have to. In my books, this is the only one to get a down vote. All other Harrier colours seem much more palatable.

The green exterior colour of the Harrier facelift is only available in the Adventure variant and its derivatives.

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