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    A look at the new Renault Kwid Super Hero - Super Soldier Edition

    by Monalisa Saha on Monday, Feb 26 2018

    Car makers in India usually offer innumerable special edition models of their offerings in order to keep customer interest fresh on a particular model. French car maker, Renault is no exception to this thumb rule, and keeps on offering visually attractive special editions of its products. The Renault Kwid is the company’s bestselling model in India, and although still massively popular, the Kwid’s sales have seen a bit of decline lately. This has made Renault to offer a lot of special edition models of the Kwid to boost its sale. The latest special edition model of the entry-level hatchback is the recently launched Renault Kwid Super Hero Edition, which is inspired by Marvel super heroes.

    For the Renault Kwid Super Hero series, the French car maker has joined hands with Disney (Marvel) in order to use the Marvel characters’ features onto its Kwid. On the other hand, the campaign for the new Avenger movie has also started in India, so the new Kwid special edition promotes both the car and the Avengers movie series. The Kwid Super Hero Edition comprises of two models – one inspired by Iron Man and the other inspired by Captain America. Here, we take a look at the Renault Kwid Super Hero edition based on Captain America, the 'Super Soldier' edition.


    The Renault Kwid Super Soldier Edition is based on the 1.0 litre variant of the hatchback model. The model is available in both manual and AMT variants and comes with attractive Captain America inspired motives and color combination to offer attractive visual appeal to attract the Captain America fans in India.

    The Renault Kwid Super Hero Captain America inspired edition has an attractive color theme of red and blue on an exclusive white body colour to represent the color code of Captain America’s suit and shield. There are several body decals and graphics along with Captain America’s iconic shield graphic on the hood of the car.

    The ORVM caps of the car also flaunt a dual tone. These are painted in red, while a white streak runs through them to make them match with the rest of the car. There are also hints of red and blue on the front grille.

    This edition model is distinguished by the 'Super Soldier' insignia on the sides of the rear doors to clearly flaunt its special identity.


    The Super Soldier Edition also gets a few more additional styling elements in order to accentuate the sporty SUV-ish features of the Kwid, while adding to its sporty appeal further. These features include red coloured terrain protectors or faux skid plates and boldly designed new alloy wheels.

    The red and blue coloured graphics on the Captain American edition start from the grille of the car and extend till its tail gate, where the anodized red painted rear terrain protector adds a nice appeal as against the standard silver finished unit.

    In the cabin of the special edition model, the red and blue theme is continued in the form of subtle accents. The black seat upholstery flaunts sporty red stitching, while the steering wheel of the car gets a supreme blue highlight, and the manual gear knob gets a two-tone red and black scheme.



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