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    All new Mercedes AMG GT breaks cover at the 2018 LA Auto Show

    by Monalisa Saha on Friday, Dec 07 2018

    Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the 2020 AMG GT at the 2018 LA Auto Show. The new updated Mercedes-AMG GT has come endowed with design updates, while it also comes with technological as well as performance upgrades. The new AMG GT will be offered for sale in the GT, GT C, GTR model trims, while a new top of the range GTR Pro trim has been introduced to offer a new level of performance.

    Focused on offering pure performance that the AMG brand is famous for, while the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT might be meant to offer absolutely crazy drives it looks matured and sophisticated. The displayed model donned a matte grey paint job, which enhanced the matured look of the AMG GT. The 2-door sports car retains its overall styling, including the signature Panamericana radiator grille. However, it has become sharper with more angular styling elements and redesigned sleeker looking headlights that have been lifted from the new AMG GT 4-door model. The new AMG GT’s rear has got very mild updates, which is hardly noticeable, excepting new exhaust tips.

    Mercedes Interior
    Mercedes Exterior
    Mercedes Exterior

    On the inside, the new updated 2020 Mercedes AMG GT gets most of the important updates. The cabin boasts of a new touchpad based infotainment system and a wide 12.3 inch digital display. The new steering wheel that graces the new-gen Merc models is also there with two sensitive touchpad like areas to control the important functions on the instrument cluster and the 10.3 inch console mounted display is also present. There is also an AMG specific LCD screen with integrated controls meant only for the drive modes and performance.

    The 2020 Mercedes AMG GT is a minor update, but it offers big updates in terms of features, techs and added performance bits, apart from the cosmetic updates. The new AMG GT’s performance has been enhanced with the new AMG Dynamic Stability Control, which empowers the drive modes to provide different levels of settings - Basic, Advanced, Pro and Master. The Basic mode handles the slippery and comfort drive modes and offers optimum stability control. The Advance setting takes care of the sports drive mode, while Pro takes on the sports+ drive modes. The Master setting lets the driver go wild by shutting down all the fancy electronic assist systems and offer the insane side of the GTR.

    Mercedes Exterior
    Mercedes Exterior
    Mercedes Exterior
    Mercedes Exterior

    Then again, the new top-end GTR Pro is a wilder, even more track focused model. It comes with a new coil-over suspension system, carbon ceramic brakes and specific bodywork for enhanced aerodynamics. There are a number of carbon fibre elements, modifications and new added elements such as a Gurney flap on the rear spoiler along with carbon fibre roof duck tail among others.

    The new AMG GT gets powered by the same 4.0 litre twin turbocharged, V8 mill that generates a max power of 462 bhp in the standard GT coupe and roadster, and 542 bhp in the GT C coupe and roadster. The engine is tuned to offer further bumped up power of 570 hp on the top-end GTR and GTR Pro models.




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