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Citroen revealed the full price list of the C3 Aircross early in October and within 2 weeks, the SUV is available with discounts worth Rs. 55,000. The carmaker didn’t clarify which variants get the discounts but we can safely assume that the base variant doesn’t get these discounts as it’s already quite attractively priced. The next Plus trim seems quite expensive for what it offers and we’re sure that the offers are only available with the higher 2 trims.

Citroen C3 Aircross

Citroen C3 Aircross Discounts Break Down

Citroen also didn’t break down the total discounts available into the categories to avail these offers. They only mentioned that the C3 Aircross is available with 3-year free maintenance and exchange benefits worth a total of Rs. 55,000. So, we checked the maintenance cost calculator and found that the 3-year maintenance is worth Rs. 20,500 inclusive of taxes. So, the exchange bonus must be worth Rs. 34,500 assuming that there are no other offers like buy now pay later, lower interest rates or corporate benefits.

Citroen C3 Aircross

Discounts Already!

Considering that the C3 Aircross only recently went on sale, it’s shocking to see it getting discounts so soon. Moreover, we see such moves from carmakers who end up overpricing a vehicle and they correct their mistake by offering discounts.

While the mid variant of the C3 Aircross is a little expensive, it’s not so expensive that it deserved a discount days after the price announcement. We noted this in our C3 Aircross Price Reaction article, which you can read by visiting the following link: Citroen C3 Aircross Price Reaction — Expected Vs Launch Price.

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LAUNCH PRICE (Ex-Showroom)



You 5S

Rs. 9,99,000

Plus 5S

Rs. 11,54,000

Plus 7S

Rs. 11,89,000

Max 5S

Rs. 12,19,000

Max 7S

Rs. 12,76,000

We believe that the C3 Aircross is positioned right and is a unique offering in the 3-row SUV space with an affordable price tag. Considering that it has no direct rivals, the pricing is appropriate. Perhaps it’s not generating the buzz Citroen officials were expecting with the launch price and therefore, they want to get the ball rolling even if it means giving away some discounts.

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