Electric Mahindra XUV700 EV Announced For 2021 Launch - Reading Between The Lines

Electric Mahindra XUV700 EV Announced For 2021 Launch - Reading Between The Lines

During the earnings call for the Q3 2021 calendar year, Mahindra officials announced that the XUV700 electric will launch in 2021 calendar year. While we have less than 6 weeks left in the 2021 year, we can’t question the official announcement. It’s sure a tight deadline considering that the XUV700 petrol/diesel are already running in short supply.

Mahindra XUV700 EV

If you look closely, the slide 31 of the earnings presentation shows the XUV700 with the EV symbol and 2021 written directly underneath. Several publications are saying that the XUV700 will get the hybrid treatment and not full EV powertrain. However, at the bottom of the slide, you can see that the green logo with the car and plug represents electric vehicles. Moreover, the 2021 timeline estimate represents the 2021 calendar year and not the 2021-22 financial year.

It certainly clears some doubts about the 2021 XUV700 electric. We are expecting chip delays to push the launch or reveal timeline at least into the first quarter of 2022 if not deeper in to the next year.

Mahindra Electric SUV Launch Timeline

In addition to the XUV700 EV, Mahindra are also planning to launch more electric SUVs. Here’s a launch timeline for these EVs:










4 New Electric SUVs


Mahindra eKUV100

The eKUV100 was shown at the Auto Expo 2020. We have been waiting for this one for almost 2 years. You can click here read more about it: Mahindra e-KUV100 Expected To Launch Soon

Mahindra W620

The W620 is a new product range. It’s unclear if this is a pre-production code name or the actual name for this car or SUV. This could be a wagon type of a car like the Ertiga or a replacement/electric version of the Marazzo. The MPV space has very little competition and Mahindra could fill this gap with their electric MPV, which will save the customers some cash while ferrying people all day long. The W620 will go on sale in 2024 - 26.

Mahindra XUV400

We expect the XUV400 to sit below the now-discontinued XUV500 in terms of size. So, it should measure about as much as the Creta or Seltos. A petrol/diesel version of this car may go on sale sooner but the XUV400 electric will launch between 2024 and 2026.

4 New Mahindra Electric SUVs

The real electric SUV fun will start with these cars. Mahindra are likely to engineer these 4 new EVs to work exclusively with electric powertrains from the ground up. That means, these EVs will not have a petrol/diesel version at all. However, from an engineering POV, we expect all of these 4 cars to share the platform and perhaps even the powertrain configurations. This will help Mahindra offer more body styles while keeping engineering and production costs in check.

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