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At the Financial Express Electric Mobility Summit 2022, Ravi Panga, Director and CEO of Causis Group, brought to the forum an interesting observation from their testing. According to Ravi, the driving style can impact the range of an electric car by up to 10 - 12%. In a combustion engine, he said that the typical variation they noticed in their testing was about 2 - 3%.

Electric Car Range

As a personal car owner, this may not sound like much, but for a large fleet operator, a 2 - 3% savings in fuel costs is a substantial amount. In the case of electric vehicles, the cost of electricity is a small expense. So, even a 10 - 12% difference may not impact the bottom line as much. But a 10% improvement in the range of a vehicle makes a substantial difference in the vehicle uptime as it can stay on the road and earn profits for a little longer.

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By ‘driver behaviour’, Mr. Panga means the driving habits. For instance, letting the foot off the accelerator and coasting to cover 50 metres to the traffic light if you can already see that you anyways have to stop. Accelerating gradually instead of flooring the A-pedal also has a big impact on the vehicle’s efficiency. Other ways to improve efficiency are:

  • Keeping appropriate pressure in the tyres
  • Keeping the wheels aligned and balanced
  • Braking slowly to allow the vehicle to recover some of the kinetic energy through regenerative braking instead of clamping on the brake discs

Here are some more tips you can implement to get better mileage from your petrol, diesel or CNG car:

10 Tips To Get Better Mileage From Your Petrol, Diesel Or CNG Car

Besides this little trivia, Ravi also underscored the importance of battery safety and that stricter standards will help infuse confidence among electric vehicle buyers about the safety of the vehicles. It’s worth noting that the government has introduced the AIS 156 standard to improve battery safety in electric vehicles.

Ravi also expressed his concerns about the multi-fold increase in transportation costs over the last couple of years and the lower average speeds in the cities because of higher congestion. Both of these factors are impacting the shipping and freight industry and making commodities more expensive while adding to the inflation.

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