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A couple of months ago, Kia announced that they will start offering the Seltos to the men and women in uniform via the CSD. Soon after, we learned from a source close to the matter that the Carens is also in line to join the Seltos some. Now, our source tells us that the Sonet is also coming to the canteen in May 2023.

Kia Sonet

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Here’s the list of Sonet’s variants and engine-transmission options you can expect to soon buy via CSD:





HTE 1.2L petrol-manual

HTE 1.5L turbo diesel-ACMT (auto-clutch/IMT)

HTK 1.2L petrol-manual

HTK Plus 1.5L turbo diesel-ACMT (auto-clutch/IMT)

HTK Plus 1.2L petrol-manual

HTX 1.5L turbo diesel-ACMT (auto-clutch/IMT)

HTK Plus 1.0L turbo petrol-ACMT (auto-clutch/IMT)

HTX 1.5L turbo diesel-automatic (torque converter)

HTX 1.0L turbo petrol-ACMT (auto-clutch/IMT)

GTX Plus 1.5L turbo diesel-automatic (torque converter)

HTX Plus 1.0L turbo petrol-ACMT (auto-clutch/IMT)


HTX 1.0L turbo petrol-automatic (DCT)


GTX Plus 1.0L turbo petrol-automatic (DCT)


Other Updates

Kia recently discontinued their 1.35L turbo petrol engine and replaced it with the 1.5L turbo petrol unit across all variants. They also made the auto-clutch manual transmission their standard choice of transmission for turbo charged engines. So, the turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines offer ACMT/IMT and automatic transmission options. Along with the update, the cars also got a price hike.

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The Seltos is the only car in their lineup, which lost the 1.35L turbo petrol but didn’t get the new 1.5L turbo petrol engine to replace it. We’re expecting the Seltos to get this engine with the mid-life facelift, which is likely to land some time ahead of the 2023 festive season.


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