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    Honda to launch EVs with 15 minute fast-charging capability by 2022

    by Mahesh Yadav on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    The Electric Vehicles (EVs) are certainly the most happening thing in the current auto market, and the electric technology is the most sought after one at present. All the automakers around the world are super busy trying to create awesome new EV models that won’t only help in saving the environment, but will also please the buyers. Going by the fast changing nature of the auto industry, it is hard to tell what will be the market conditions and customer preferences a few years from now. However, the EVs will certainly be ruling the global auto market. Hence, while most of the automotive manufacturers are busy electrifying their offerings for the future, the top auto majors of the world are competing with each other on who can perfect the EV technology and eliminate the disadvantages. In a bid to be ahead in the upcoming massive EV race, Japanese auto giant Honda is looking to offer EVs which will be capable of 15-minute fast-charging by 2022.

    One of the primary shortcomings of the electric vehicles are long charging times, and Honda is focusing to address this issue for its future EV models, which will really be able to cater to the fast paced lives of the vehicle users. According to a recent report by a Japanese journal, Honda Motor is planning bring in new advanced all-electric cars which will have the capability of fast charging in 15 minutes which will enable it to run for 240 kilometres. At present, most of the Electric Vehicle models take more than twice the time to offer 80 percent of the battery capacity even while using the fast charging technology.


    In order to achieve this fast-charging capability, the Japanese auto major is reportedly developing a new type of high-capacity battery pack which is capable of faster quick charging, with a yet unconfirmed partner firm.

    Honda is currently sourcing its batteries from the Japanese tech major Panasonic and also other firms for its hybrid cars such as the Accord Sport Hybrid. Moreover, apart from the new battery pack as well as charging technology, the Japanese car major is also busy developing lighter vehicle batteries as well as more efficient power control systems in order to extend the driving range of its EVs per full charge.


    However, this advanced fast charging technology will be rolled out by the company only after the company launches its mass market Electric Vehicle model range. This new mass-market Honda EV is which is expected to will be based on the Honda Urban EV concept which was unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show and grabbed a lot of attention. This new EV is scheduled to be introduced in Europe in 2019 as per the automaker.


    At present, the fast chargers in Japan have a maximum output of 150 kW, although the industry plans will need 350 kW output from 2020.

    Europe also is likely to offer a network of 350 kW fast chargers by the year 2020, and Honda’s new advanced EVs will be making the most of that infrastructure.



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