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At the launch of the 2023 Hyundai Verna, Hyundai officials told V3Cars that they are working on an update, which will enable wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Read on to know more details about this future update.

Hyundai Kia 10.25-inch Touchscreen

Hyundai-Kia 10.25-inch Touchscreen Could Get An Update Soon

The new update will enable wireless connectivity for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Currently, the smaller 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system of Hyundai and Kia models offer wireless connectivity whereas the larger 10.25-inch units require a wired connection to enable Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

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Once this new update rolls out, all new Hyundai and Kia models will offer wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Furthermore, since the 10.25-inch system also supports over the year updates (OTA), we expect Hyundai and Kia to roll out the new update for the existing users as well.

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The 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment comes in Hyundai models such as the i20, Creta, 2023 Verna, Alcazar, Tucson and Ioniq 5 and in Kia models such as the Seltos, Sonet, Carens and EV6. Users may soon get the option to download and install the update right from their infotainment system.

Is Wireless Connectivity Useful?

Even though the wireless connectivity of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay doesn’t change the functionality and user experience, it brings a lot of convenience. Once set up properly, your smartphone automatically connects with the infotainment system and connects Android Auto in case of Android and Apple CarPlay in case of iOS without you needing to even press a button. Furthermore, since most Hyundai and Kia cars offer wireless phone charger, it enables you to use wireless phone charger while your phone is connected to the infotainment system.

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Amit Saraswat

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  1. C Chris says:
    April 12 2023 12:50:33

    You have mentioned that 8.0 inch touchscreen infotainment system of Hyundai models offer wireless connectivity. But Venue, which has 8.0 inch touchscreen, is offering wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay only for few variants. The SX(O) variants of Venue don't have wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Will Hyundai push this wireless connectivity enabling update for Venue also(for SX(O) which don't have wireless as of now)?

  2. A Adi says:
    April 13 2023 16:47:47

    Any timeline within which this Wireless carplay feature will get updated?

  3. A Ajith says:
    April 13 2023 18:26:56

    Finally............, any idea when? or any official documentation?

  4. P Prateek Vyas says:
    April 18 2023 06:08:24

    Can we buy a 10.25 inch system as accessory and get it fitted in the lower variants of the carens such as for prestige plus trim.

  5. V VK says:
    May 16 2023 11:36:40

    Any ETA on when this is expected ?

  6. A Amit Roy says:
    May 20 2023 16:55:12

    Any update on this? I just now saw a message on my iPhone to switch on bluetooth to use wireless car play on my Seltos X Line which has a bigger screen. It has been supporting wired carplay till now. But somehow it did not connect. There definitely seems to be something happening. Kindly update.

  7. B Bhanu Kumar says:
    June 03 2023 02:51:54

    Any idea when we can get this ota update?

  8. A Abhinav Deshmukh says:
    June 28 2023 20:55:07

    A question to Amit Saraswat who is author of this post. From where did you get this information of Hyundai might update their 10.25 inch infotainment system with wireless car play and android auto. Asking this because you have made us very curious and we are eagerly awaiting for this update now.

  9. X X says:
    August 17 2023 20:48:14

    There’s no such thing. Hyndai has officially confirmed that its a hardware limitation and cannot be fixed. The owner of the blog should discard or update the post.

  10. S Srikanth says:
    November 13 2023 14:05:20

    Hello X - Can you please provide a link to the official confirmation from Hyundai on the hardware limitation?

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