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    Kia CV For 2021 Will Debut New Design Language

    by Saransh Goyal on Friday, Sep 18 2020

    Kia has announced it plans to launch a new BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), codenamed CV, by 2021. It is said to be built on a dedicated new platform, unlike the Soul and Niro EVs that share platforms with their IC-engined counterparts.


    Kia CV

    The CV electric car will be the first of the seven dedicated electric models that the South Korean carmaker will launch globally by 2027. More importantly, Kia says that the CV will debut the brand’s new design language. It remains to be seen what Kia has in store in terms of design for its future cars, but given that the carmaker has managed to develop good-looking cars in the past, we have high expectations.

    The Kia CV is said to offer high-performance driving and recharging characteristics. It will be underpinned by Kia’s new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) and it is expected to offer a spacious interior.

    Talking of remaining BEVs, Kia has confirmed that these cars will come in multiple range options -- suitable for city use, long-range journeys, and performance driving as well. Since these will also be based on the E-GMP as the CV, it is expected that these cars will also offer a roomy cabin.

    This announcement by Kia is in line with the brand’s ‘Plan S’ which was announced earlier this year and aims at the transitioning of future business towards BEVs and mobility solutions. The carmaker plans to have an EV lineup of 11 cars by 2025. Currently, Kia has only two full EVs in its range in the form of Niro and Soul EV. 

    Apart from the BEVs, Kia also plans to set up a charging infrastructure globally. The carmaker plans to install around 1500 chargers in South Korea by 2030. It also intends to offer 2,400 EV chargers in Europe and around 500 in North America.

    While it has announced the BEVs for the global market, Kia is yet to announce the introduction of an electric car in India. Other carmakers like Tata, Hyundai and MG have already launched long-range EVs in India.


    He is an automobile engineer who likes to write. A born Tifosi, he follows Formula 1 and likes to keep up with upcoming technologies in the world of cars. 

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