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Maruti Suzuki are testing their new crossover, codenamed the YTB. Rumours suggest that Maruti Suzuki may call it the Baleno Cross. However, according to our sources, the company will not name their new car, the Baleno Cross. It’s unclear what they may call this new car but Baleno Cross is certainly ruled out. This move by the car maker could be due to several reasons. We have put together some possible reasons why the car maker will choose a new name for their new crossover.

Baleno-Based Crossover

The Indian Crossover Market

Considering the history of the Indian automobile market, cars in the crossover category haven’t gained much popularity. We’ve had the Fiat Avventura, the Toyota Etios Cross and the Volkswagen Polo Cross in India. None of these managed to gain reasonable traction in the Indian market. While a budget car buyer usually prefers a hatchback, the customer with a higher budget prefers an SUV or a sedan.

Crossovers being a level up from their hatchback versions, are too expensive for budget car buyers. On the other hand, car buyers with an extensive budget find crossovers small and basic.

A New Name Can Be A Game-Changer For The YTB

In the current market scenario, the compact SUV segment is gaining immense popularity in India. A general expression in India is that a bigger car is a better car. So, naming a car after its hatchback version could make Indian consumers perceive the YTB as a small car. Also, a general misconception is that a car inheriting its name from an older car will have fewer updates and resemble the older car.

A new name will definitely change things for Maruti Suzuki, especially to bust these common myths. It will also help increase the market share of the YTB in India.

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An Affordable SUV On Nexa Floor

Since this new SUV/crossover will share the platform with the Baleno, we expect it to share the showroom floor with the Baleno as well. This move will make an affordable SUV an option for Nexa buyers. Currently, the most affordable SUV under the Nexa umbrella is the Grand Vitara, which starts at more than Rs. 10.0 lakh. For buyers, who want a bigger SUV will have the option of Brezza from the Arena outlet. Meanwhile, those with an even bigger budget can jump to the Grand Vitara. Thus, the carmaker will have a diverse range of SUVs under both of their brands with a wide price band.

It’s worth noting that Nexa dealership also have the Ignis. It’s an affordable option for buyers interested in the SUV-like tall body and high ground clearance, but don’t want to stretch their budget and prefer a more compact car.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno SUV Launch Timelines And Rivals

We expect Maruti Suzuki to debut the YTB at the upcoming 2023 Auto Expo, and launch it later in the year. The YTB sits below the Brezza in the product hierarchy and rival cars like the Renault Kiger, Citroen C3, Nissan Magnite and Tata Punch.

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