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Skoda recently dropped the prices of the Kushaq by up to Rs. 2.19 lakh. The Monte Carlo special edition variant, which is based on the Style variant, got the biggest price drop of Rs. 1.69 lakh to Rs. 2.19 lakh depending on the powertrain you choose. If you ignore the Monte Carlo trim, the other, regular variants of the Kushaq get a price correction of Rs. 0 - 1.10 lakh depending on the variant-powertrain combination you choose.

Skoda Kushaq

A few special editions like matte edition and Elegance edition are no longer on sale. Similarly, the Style non sunroof variant of the Kushaq is also discontinued. Along with this price update, Skoda have also renamed the Kushaq variant lineup. The base, upper base, mid and top variants of the Kushaq were earlier called Active, Onyx, Ambition and Style, respectively. They are now called Classic, Onyx, Signature and Prestige.

The following table gives you a clearer idea of the magnitude of price increase and decrease applicable for the Kushaq variants:



Manual Transmission

Old Variant

Old Price


New Price

New Variant

Active 1.0L MT

Rs. 11,99,000

(-Rs. 1,10,000)

Rs. 10,89,000

Classic 1.0L MT

Onyx 1.0L MT

Rs. 12,89,000

No Change

Rs. 12,89,000

Onyx 1.0L MT

Ambition 1.0L MT

Rs. 14,54,000

(-Rs. 35,000)

Rs. 14,19,000

Signature 1.0L MT

Style 1.0L MT

Rs. 16,59,000

(-Rs. 50,000)

Rs. 16,09,000

Prestige 1.0L MT

Monte Carlo 1.0L MT

Rs. 17,29,000

(-Rs. 1,69,100)

Rs. 15,59,900

Monte Carlo 1.0L MT

Ambition 1.5L MT

Rs. 15,99,000

(-Rs. 30,000)

Rs. 15,69,000

Signature 1.5L MT

Style 1.5L MT

Rs. 18,39,000

(-Rs. 80,000)

Rs. 17,59,000

Prestige 1.5L MT

Monte Carlo 1.5L MT

Rs. 19,09,000

(-Rs. 1,99,100)

Rs. 17,09,900

Monte Carlo 1.5L MT

Automatic Transmission

Old Variant

Old Price


New Price

New Variant

Onyx 1.0L AT

Rs. 13,49,000

No Change

Rs. 13,49,000

Onyx 1.0L AT

Ambition 1.0L AT

Rs. 15,84,000

(-Rs. 55,000)

Rs. 15,29,000

Signature 1.0L AT

Style 1.0L AT

Rs. 17,89,000

(-Rs. 70,000)

Rs. 17,19,000

Prestige 1.0L AT

Monte Carlo 1.0L AT

Rs. 18,59,000

(-Rs. 1,89,100)

Rs. 16,69,900

Monte Carlo 1.0L AT

Ambition 1.5L AT

Rs. 17,39,000

(-Rs. 50,000)

Rs. 16,89,000

Signature 1.5L AT

Style 1.5L AT

Rs. 19,79,000

(-Rs. 1,00,000)

Rs. 18,79,000

Prestige 1.5L AT

Monte Carlo 1.5L AT

Rs. 20,49,000

(-Rs. 2,19,100)

Rs. 18,29,900

Monte Carlo 1.5L AT

Skoda had also dropped the prices of the Kushaq back in October 2023 for a limited period. Then, the prices went back up and breached the Rs. 11.0 lakh mark. In that October 2023 price drop, the Kushaq base model was selling for Rs. 10.89 lakh. This is the same as the current starting price. At the time, Skoda increased the prices of the Kushaq under the cover of dropping the base variant’s price. This time, they have limited this tactic to the Slavia. Kushaq gets a proper price drop.

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Skoda Kushaq Base Model Now Rs. 70,000 Cheaper

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Monte Carlo Now Cheaper Than Style/Prestige

It’s worth noting that the Monte Carlo variant, which was a special edition based on the Style variant, is now cheaper than the Prestige variant (current new Kushaq top model). The Monte Carlo variant of the Kushaq now costs Rs. 50,000 less than the Kushaq new top model (Prestige).

Arrogance/Confidence Shattered

Back in October 2023, the Kushaq became the first C-SUV to cross the Rs. 20.0 lakh (ex-showroom) price mark. Even the larger and more feature-loaded Seltos facelift was at the time carrying an ex-showroom price tag of Rs. 19.99 lakh. So, it was shocking to see Skoda’s approach by becoming the first one to cross the psychological barrier of Rs. 20.0 lakh price limit.

It appears that the confidence (assuming it was confidence) is now shattered. The Monte Carlo variant now costs Rs. 18.30 lakh, which is a fair bit less than the Rs. 20.0 lakh mark and Rs. 2.19 lakh less than the older price tag of Rs. 20.49 lakh (ex-showroom). Meanwhile, Skoda’s breach of the barrier allowed others to cross the limit also and they continue to remain over Rs. 20.0 lakh. Creta, Seltos, Hyryder and Grand Vitara, all cost more than Rs. 20.0 lakh.

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