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    Skoda Reveals Concept Sunroq | The Skoda Sunroq is a Karoq roadster

    by Monalisa Saha on Wednesday, Jun 13 2018
    Skoda Main

    Czech car maker Skoda has revealed a new concept car model named as the Skoda Sunroq. This unique new Sunroq concept car is the fifth concept model to be created by the students at the Skoda Vocational School. To create the distinctive and sporty looking Skoda Sunroq concept model, 23 students from seven different professions had worked diligently for about 8 months.

    The Skoda Sunroq concept is a cabriolet model that based on the new Skoda Karoq compact SUV. Thus, the same ‘Sunroq’ is also a derivative of the Karoq, with the ‘Sun’ indicating the sunny and airy aspect of the cabriolet which makes it special. Nevertheless, the naming was probably the last things that the Czech car maker wanted to work on, as looking for an entirely name for a concept model was probably an unimportant work for the company, as we know Skoda is currently busy working on several new projects.

    Skoda Interior
    Skoda Exterior
    Skoda Exterior

    Thus, in order to look for a suitable name for the new Skoda concept car, the students invited the Skoda customers as well as the brand’s fans to offer their valuable suggestions through various social media platforms. The customers and Skoda aficionados poured in their suggestions in the form of several hundreds of probable suitable names for the new concept model, out of which the Skoda students chose the ‘Sunroq’ finally.

    As already mentioned above, the students liked the Sunroq name the best among all the suggestions, as the Karoq based cabriolet model is open to the sun and the nature, and this drop-top car models makes for an ideal vehicle to be enjoyed during the summer holidays.

    According to Skoda, a convertible SUV model would certainly have a great appeal to the young car buyers and tempt those who love the thrilling drive experience offered a topless or drop-top car model. Moreover, the Skoda Sunroq is such a drop-top model that offers the thrill of a cabriolet, while offering enough room to carry a surfboard at the same time, thus, offering a balance of fun and practicality.

    Skoda Exterior
    Skoda Exterior
    Skoda Exterior
    Skoda Exterior

    In order to facilitate the drop-top design, the Skoda vocational school students have made considerable changes to the crossover's body. However, despite all the redesigning, the Sunroq still has the same length as well as the width of the regular Skoda Karoq crossover model, while the wheelbase has been carried over as well.

    The Skoda Sunroq is based on a regular 1.5L turbocharged TSI engine powered Karoq SUV that offers a top speed of 204 kmph. The vehicle’s A-pillars have been altered, rear doors have been removed and a new boot design has been crafted to offer the unique mix of a crossover-buggy-sports car rear-end. The Sunroq comes with lots of fun stuff such as sporty white & red leather bucket seats, backlit alloy wheels and illuminated Skoda badge on the bonnet.

    While Skoda’s German parent company Volkswagen will make a T-Roc convertible sometime in 2020, we don’t expect the new Skoda Sunroq to ever hit the production line.



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