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Valvoline is one of the leading global lubricant manufacturers and they have launched an innovative coolant. The new Valvoline advanced coolant supports all cars and commercial vehicles and provides a 5-year or up to 5,00,000km drain interval.

Valvoline Advanced Coolant

The new advanced coolant from Valvoline is a glycol-based full-antifreeze coolant that can be used with any car or commercial vehicle. It incorporates Valvoline’s organic acid technology, or OAT technology, to offer globally proven performance and long drain interval.

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As per Valvoline, the new coolant is backward compatible with all cooling systems and offers supreme protection in extreme hot or cold climate conditions. Valvoline’s organic acid technology ensures rust and corrosion-free internals of the engine and ensures smooth operation in extreme hot and cold climate conditions. Valvoline also adds that the advanced coolant can withstand hardness of up to 700ppm, making it resistant to Indian water.

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Speaking at the launch, Mr. SK Mukherjee, Chief Technology Officer at Valvoline, said, “Valvoline has always been a future-ready company that aims to create innovative products for our consumers. The Valvoline Advanced Coolant is an innovative product that comes with an advanced formulation to increase the longevity of our engines and, thereby, vehicles. We are extremely excited to launch this product which is backwards compatible and covers BSVI and prior engines along with gensets”.

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