Top 4 Safest Hatchbacks You Can Buy In India

SUVs are all the craze lately, and manufacturers are cashing in by selling overpriced, oversized crossovers, which are no more capable than a good-old hatchback. So, while everyone is shelling out for the SUVs, it’s your chance to lap up the overlooked and underpriced hatchbacks. What’s more? You don’t have to compromise on safety either. So, here are 4 hatchbacks with at least a 3-star rating from Global NCAP. 3 of them even have a double-digit safety score.

Top 4 Safest Hatchbacks

1. Tata Altorz


The Tata Altroz scored 16.13 points out of 17 in adult safety for a star rating of 5 stars and 29 out of 49 for child safety and a rating of 3 stars.

The Altroz has petrol-manual, petrol-automatic, turbo petrol-manual and diesel-manual powertrain options with ex-showroom prices ranging between Rs. 6.29 lakh and Rs. 10.0 lakh.

Tata Altroz Petrol Variants Explained - Which One To Buy?

Tata Altroz Diesel Variants Explained - Which One To Buy?

2. Honda Jazz


While it doesn’t sell in big numbers, the Honda Jazz stands its ground in the GNCAP crash tests with 13.89 points for adult safety and 31.54 in child safety. The Jazz earned 4 stars for adult safety and 3 for child safety in the GNCAP crash tests.

The Jazz is available with petrol-manual and petrol-automatic powertrains. Its ex-showroom prices start at Rs. 8.11 lakh and go up to Rs. 10.41 lakh.

3. Tata Tiago


The Tata Tiago is 3rd car on this list with an adult safety score of 12.52 out of 17 and a child safety score of 34.15 out of 49. The final star rating for this car stands at 4 for adults and 3 for child safety.

The Tata Tiago is available with a petrol-manual, petrol-automatic, CNG-manual and electric-automatic powertrain options. The Tiago petrol and CNG variants cost between Rs. 5.39 lakh and Rs. 7.73 lakh (ex-showroom).

Tata Tiago Petrol Variants Explained - Which One To Buy?

Tata Tiago CNG Variants Explained - Which One To Buy?

4. Hyundai i20

hyundai i20

The Hyundai i20 is the only car in this list with a single digit adult safety score and a middle-of-the-road, 3-star safety rating. It scored 8.84 points out of 17 for adult safety and 36.89 out of 49 for child safety. The final tally for the i20 sits at 3 stars each for adult and child safety.

The i20 has the widest range of engine-transmission combinations - not only among hatchbacks in this list but across all hatchbacks. The list of options includes:

  • 1.2L normal petrol-manual
  • 1.2L normal petrol-automatic (CVT)
  • 1.0L turbo petrol-auto-clutch (ACMT)
  • 1.0L turbo petrol-automatic (DCT)
  • 1.5L diesel-manual

Naturally, the i20’s ex-showroom price range is quite wide starting from Rs. 7.07 lakh and going up to Rs. 11.47 lakh.

Hyundai i20 Petrol Variants Explained - Which One To Buy?

Hyundai i20 Diesel Variants Explained - Which One To Buy?

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