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    2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class to give a miss to the star hood ornament

    by Mahesh Yadav on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    This very heading might make many Mercedes-Benz lovers sad. Mercedes-Benz has decided to drop the three-pointed star hood ornament for the 2018 model of the C-Class in the US. Instead, the German luxury auto major will offer the company logo on the car’s front grille just like we get to see on the Merc models sold in India. The reason behind this is that Mercedes-Benz is trying to offer a contemporary and sportier appeal with its new-gen C-Class and the hood ornament is making the car look older, as per the company. The three-pointed star hood ornament is an icon and adds a regal touch to the cars. However, if regal appeal clashes with sporty looks, then Mercedes-Benz would rather show the door to the first.

    Mercedes-Benz is currently highly focused on very sleek and contemporary styling to attract younger buyers. The company feels that the younger generation is hesitating to buy the current model of the popular C-Class because of the three-pointed star hood ornament that adds a touch of the bygone era to the car. The fact is standing hood ornaments have gone out of style and the car makers, including the luxury auto majors do not offer standing hood ornaments anymore. This is because the standing hood ornaments do seem to clash with the highly aerodynamic and futuristic styling of the cars that the luxury giants make and offer nowadays. There are exceptions of course, such as the mega-luxury brand Rolls-Royce. However, Rolls-Royce models are extremely bespoke and don’t really compare with other luxury automakers. And for that matter, Rolls-Royce is also focusing on younger buyers.

    Coming back to the 2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, it will definitely come with a lot more changes to mark itself apart from its predecessor apart from dropping the hood ornament. The new C-Class will be coming with a whole host of changes and upgrades both in terms of styling as well as features both on the outside and on the inside. The car is also expected to come with some mechanical tweaks to enhance its sporty performance and ride. Mercedes-Benz will be offering the new C-Class in two trim models, namely - the C300 and the C350e. The sportier AMG version of the C-Class will also be available for sale for the hard-core auto enthusiasts who are all for fun to drive experience above all.

    If dropping the standing three-pointed star hood ornament works for Mercedes in attracting younger buyers for the C-Class, then the company would certainly be happy and we have nothing to complain about. After all, the German auto major is only following the global trend and going sporty rather than exclusively regal and classy However for some auto lovers, this little piece of luxury would certainly be missed. Nevertheless, the AMG S63 still gets to flaunt this hood ornament and seems to be shouting that sport styling and performance can actually go hand in hand with classy luxurious styling elements.



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