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MG Motor India recently changed the names of Comet EV’s variants and added 2 new variants. Besides the usual changes you have read so far, here are 5 most important changes you need to know about the 2024 MG Comet EV.

2024 MG Comet EV

1. 7.4kW AC Fast Charging (Capability Only)

Comet EV

Based on the feedback from existing and potential customers, MG have chosen to offer faster charging capability to the Comet EV. The mid and top models of the Comet EV are now capable of up to 7.4kW AC fast charging. This feature cuts the charging time down by half.

With the 3.3kW AC charging, it would take 7 hours to take it from fully depleted state to full charge. A 7.4kW AC charger can do the same thing in 3 hours and 30 minutes — exactly half the time.

Now, here’s the kicker. If you truly want that capability, you’ll have to pay — a lot. The fast-charging capable variants cost Rs. 35,800 more than the 3.3kW charging capable variants. That’s not all. According to our source, the car will still ship with a 3.3kW AC charger while a 7.4kW AC charger will remain an accessory worth an additional Rs. 50,000 or so.

The Rs. 35,800 higher cost is  just to make the car capable of charging at higher speeds. So, if you can still use that feature when you run into a public charging station capable of 7.4kW or faster charging speeds.

2. Rear Disc Brakes

Comet EV

The top variant of the Comet now also comes with rear disc brakes. Not that it was incompetent at braking earlier. But the additional bite is always welcome. This feature is available in the top variant of the Comet EV. As in, you’ll get this feature even if you buy the top model without the fast charging capability.

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3. Crawl Function

Many people have complained about the lack of crawl function in the Comet. This is a common feature in pretty much all automatic cars. It allows you to drive the car in crawling traffic with just the brake pedal.

There’s just one problem with this feature. This feature interferes with the efficiency of the vehicle. Creep or crawl function attempts to move the vehicle forward and eats into the battery when all you want to do is relax with your foot off the pedals when stuck at a traffic light. But they took care of this too. Read on.

4. Electronic Parking Brake (With Auto Hold)

Comet EV

The Comet now comes with an electronic parking brake. The inclusion of rear disc brakes makes this feature possible in the top variant of the Comet. But more importantly, the e-parking brake allowed MG to include the auto hold feature.

There are times when you need to crawl in traffic and driving with just the brake pedal makes it a lot easier to do so. Then, there are times when you want to take the foot off the pedals without having to worry about the car rolling forward or back; say, at a traffic light. In these situations, you can turn on the auto hold feature and the car will automatically apply the brakes for you and hold it in position until you press the accelerator pedal.

This is an extremely useful feature in a car, which has the crawl function. Because, just pulling on the handbrake may still get the car to keep trying to move ahead and waste energy.

5. Power-folding Outside Mirrors (Body Coloured)

Comet EV

The Comet is quite narrow and folding the mirrors manually (when needed) is not a tall task. Still, considering that the Comet EV is designed to navigate through the narrowest of streets means you might have to fold and unfold the mirrors quite often. The inclusion of this feature makes it easy to do so.

Thankfully, the car doesn’t have the auto-fold feature. So, it doesn’t keep folding and unfolding every time you lock and unlock the car. Thus, there is a lower risk of the folding mirror breaking down as it doesn’t get used all that much. More importantly, the daily folding and unfolding also tends to accumulate dust between the moving parts. This leads to two possibilities:

  • The best case scenario is that you may have to live with squeaking noises
  • The worst case scenario is that it stops working because of the dirt and debris accumulated over time

So, the feature selection, distribution and prioritisation is top notch from MG Comet’s product team.

Besides the power folding mirrors, the outside mirrors are also now body-coloured. Only the dual-tone versions get the black mirrors to match with the black roof.

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