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Audi have decided to hike the prices of their cars by up to 3% from January 1, 2022. They say this hike will help them counter the increasing input costs. Over the usual price hike that manufacturers give due to inflation, several other reasons have pushed the price hike to this 3% mark this time.

Audi India

Audi India are blaming higher input and manufacturing costs for this price hike. The major reason for the ongoing price hikes is the global pandemic, which affected the supply chain of raw materials required for car manufacturing. The prices of these raw materials have seen a constant rise in the past year.

Moreover, the semiconductor shortage also affected vehicle production and it also added to the increasing input costs. It is delaying the supply of vehicles to dealers against the oncoming demand. This demand and supply unevenness is further giving the manufacturers a free pass to balance the two sides.

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This year alone, Audi launched 9 new vehicles including 5 EVs. We can expect the news of price hike from other manufacturers soon as they all are suffering from the aforementioned supply chain, production and inflationary issues.


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