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    BMW Petrol Cars Now Come With BS6 Engines In India

    by Swati Sanchayi on Wednesday, Apr 04 2018

    After Mercedes Benz, now another German luxury automaker BMW has announced to offer BS-VI engines with all its petrol models in the Indian market. The premium automaker announced that from the start of April 2018, all its petrol engines will be BS-VI compliant which means that now all the petrol powered BMW cars in the country will be BS-VI compliant.

    Currently, BMW offers petrol engines on most of its models in India including 3 series, 3 series-GT, 5 series, 6 series-GT and the 7 Series. One interesting fact about all these cars is that BMW manufactures all these vehicles in the company's Chennai plant in India. However, there are other BMW cars also that are petrol powered in the country but are not locally assembled. The list includes the Z4, X6, i8 and the entire M range.


    The main question rises in terms of the prices of the models featuring the new engines, though the petrol engines do not require any major changes to switch to BS-VI compliant technology, there will not be any significant changes. However, BMW has also confirmed that the new BS-VI petrol engines will also be able to run smoothly on BS-IV grade fuel as well as currently the BS-VI compliant fuel is available only in Delhi-NCR and other cities in the country will get it soon in future. The nationwide deadline for the switch to BS-VI technology has been set for April 1, 2020.

    The BS-VI compliant engines have been introduced only with the BMW petrol powered models in the country and not on the diesel models. The reason behind the decision is that BMW is waiting for the BS-VI grade diesel to arrive throughout the country to further introduce BS-VI compliant diesel engines in their lineup. However, Mercedes-Benz, has already introduced the BS-VI diesel engine in India on their new S-Class model which can run smoothly on the currently available BS-IV grade diesel as well.

    Currently, only two manufacturers- Mercedes and BMW have announced to switch to the BS-VI compliant engines in the country but since the deadline to switch to BS-VI norms is coming soon, we can expect other automakers in the country to announce the switch soon as well. Stay tuned to for further updates on the same.



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