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    Confirmed: XC40 To Be The First All- Electric Model By Volvo

    by Swati Sanchayi on Thursday, Jun 28 2018

    Volvo Main

    Swedish luxury car manufacturer Volvo has confirmed that the upcoming XC40 will be the first all-electric model by the automaker. Thomas Ingenlath confirmed the same while revealing the new S60 sports saloon. The XC40 EV will be launched in the market after Volvo’s electric sub-brand Polestar launches its second car in 2019. The launch of Volvo XC40 EV will be followed by an electric version of the XC90, which is due to go into production at Volvo's new factory in Charleston, South Carolina in 2021 along with the XC40 EV.

    Volvo Interior
    Volvo Interior
    Volvo Interior

    Making the confirmation, Thomas Ingenlath, Design Chief- Volvo said, “It’s not a secret any more that the first full electric Volvo is on its way with the XC40 coming. It will arrive very soon after the Polestar 2. That is the first to come that’s not exotic. We’ll start with XC40 and then on it will come step after step into our model range. The next car will be the next generation XC90. That will be the master plan of how electrification will come to the Volvo product range. We will not establish products beside our hybrids; we will introduce electrification as a powertrain variant within the existing portfolio. You could say that is different to a lot of the mass production brands. But I have a hard time to understand how their plan will work in the long run. Electrification is the future of the automotive industry, so how do you handle that as soon as you come to the majority of electric cars, how do you handle it in your portfolio. I think it’s much more natural to say it’s a powertrain variant that over time will take up the majority of the sold vehicles."

    Apart from this, Ingenlath also said that the firm would only produce electric versions of current cars, rather than producing entirely new electric-only machines, following the rival Volkswagen’s footsteps. According to the reports, the XC40 EV could go into production in 2021 and could possibly have a total range of approximately 500 kilometres on a single charge. However, nothing is officially confirmed yet. Volvo has also set itself a target for 50% of its sales volume to be for fully electric cars by 2025 and Ingenlath said that the Polestar sub-brand, also headed by him - could be used to develop bolder EV-only cars.

    Volvo Exterior
    Volvo Exterior
    Volvo Exterior
    Volvo Exterior

    Speaking about the Polestar’s future plans, Ingenlath said, "We definitely don’t want to bring something that we’ve so successfully just launched like an XC40 to an end just because combustion engines will disappear. To look at new formats, new body styles and non-traditional elements, we founded Polestar to take care of that end of the scope. We developed that strategy: full electrification of the Volvo range, making it a natural part of the offer, and at the same time developing new, unconventional elements in the Polestar brand."

    So, Volvo is completely focused to launch an electrified version of every model in its line-up from 2019 hence, each Volvo will eventually be offered with a mild hybrid, hybrid or battery-electric powertrain option. Also, Volvo has announced and is determined that the firm won't launch any diesel variants of forthcoming models. Volvo is also focusing using at least 25 per cent recycled plastic in each of its cars from 2025 onwards in order to go all green and environment friendly.

    Stay tuned to for further updates on the upcoming Volvo XC40 Electric Vehicle.




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