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    Ferrari F8 Tributo makes public debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2019

    by Monalisa Saha on Tuesday, Mar 19 2019


    Supercar icon Ferrari officially introduced the F8 Tributo at the just concluded 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The Ferrari F8 Tributo is the 488 GTB’s replacement and was recently revealed by the Italian supercar major ahead of the Geneva Motor Show. The most significant fact about the new F8 Tributo is that it is the last of its kind in the Ferrari supercar lineup. This is because, after the F8 Tributo, the company will focus on hybrid models. The F8 Tributo’s launch will be followed by the first hybrid model from the house of Ferrari.

    The Italian supercar giant has already confirmed that the company intends to launch hybrid models alongside the introduction of a new downsized V6 mill. The technical chief at Ferrari, Michael Leiters said that the V6 mill is the company’s next step to follow the downsizing of the engines without losing the true appeal or speed of the Ferrari cars.


    Going by the company’s announcement to move onto the of downsizing of its mill to a new V6 one, it is also likely that the upcoming new mid-engined model from Ferrari will be getting equipped with a V6 powertrain with hybrid technology. This could also mean that the turbocharged V8 mill that does the duty under the hood of the F8 Tributo will be also bidding goodbye to the world. This means that the F8 Tributo might as well be also the last car to house the V8 engine, and thus its name does mean a lot.

    The new Ferrari F8 Tributo packs in the company’s twin-turbocharged 3.8 liters V8 an engine which has the capability of churning out a massive top power output of 720 hp along with a hammering 568 lb-ft of peak torque. The F8 Ferrari is a clear rival of the McLaren 720S, and as per Ferrari, the model houses the most powerful version of the V8 engine of all times.


    Like all the auto majors of the world, the iconic Italian supercar manufacturer is also looking to walk the electrification path and has chosen the hybrid technology to start with in order to prepare for the all-green, zero emission automobile industry of the future. The first hybrid model to come from the house of Ferrari is expected to be introduced in the next few months’ time. The new hybridized Ferrari will be one of the five models that are scheduled to be unveiled this year and one of 15 planned cars before 2022.

    2022 will be a crucial year, as Ferrari will launch its much awaited and SUV model, something which the company had earlier said will never make as SUVs don’t really go with Ferrari sentiments. Nevertheless, the company says that it will be a patent Ferrari after all. Ferrari boss Louis Camilleri also commented that the company is not concerned about being late in the market and is rather concerned about being the best, and he is confident about the latter. He also said that best things take time and he is confident that it (SUV) will be magnificent and will have the Ferrari DNA.




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