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    Honda reveals the baby sibling of the NSX – the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo

    by Mahesh Yadav on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    Japanese auto major Honda has been speculated to be busy working on a baby NSX supercar (Acura in US) for quite some time. Now, it turns out that the speculations were actually based on truth, and a little sibling of the NSX is actually there. However, do not expect this baby Honda NSX to come to the showrooms.

    The reason behind why the small sibling of the NSX won’t be available for sale is because it is the latest model in a series of new concept models for Vision Gran Turismo. This sleek little fascinating mid-engine sportscar which has been named as the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo has been specifically designed and developed for Gran Turismo Sport. Thus, this little new sports car won’t be available to be driven around physically, but will be charming the Grand Tourismo game lovers in the virtual world.


    When the design language is concerned, the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo seems to have drawn styling inspiration from both the NSX and the small S660 sports car in the Japanese car market. On the whole, the less ornate and less intricate styling of the new Sports Vision Gran Turismo game car helps it look sleeker than the real world NSX. This design also looks very familiar to all the auto enthusiasts who have been digging in the news for the upcoming baby NSX over the past couple of years and seen the leaked out patent drawings. All the speculations and leaked information gave the hope to the car fanatics that the Japanese auto major is creating a compact sports car or the sorts. However, it turns out to be a special new model for the game lovers, and was planned to be such right from the beginning.


    Honda had conducted a contest for its international designers to come up with the design for this car concept, which was won by a California design studio team. Honda’s design studios in the U.S and Japan then worked together on this winning design as seriously as they would on a real production model. The teams have even modeled the car’s aerodynamics through computer simulations and a wind tunnel.


    The compact sports car concept uses extensive carbon fiber, making it extremely lightweight at just 899 kilograms, as per Honda. Meaning if the car’s production would’ve been there, it would be this light. Then again, under the hood of the concept car is a 2.0L turbocharged 4-pot mill that offers 404hp, which is probably a tweaked version of the Civic Type R’s engine. The real version of the car would have got an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission as well.


    Sadly, this fascinating little sports car won’t hit the production, but if you are a game lover you can certainly enjoy driving it virtually in Gran Turismo Sport. The new Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo adds to a long list of amazing concept cars which car created by the global auto giants for both Gran Turismo Sport and Gran Turismo 6




    Mahesh is a fan of compact, quirky and underrated vehicles that punch above their weight. Multix, Nano, Strom R3 and Navi are his favorites.

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