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    Jaguar Land Rover India to launch more petrol car models over the years

    by Monalisa Saha on Friday, Mar 30 2018

    Jaguar Land Rover India has recently launched the Evoque Convertible powered by a petrol mill. Just a couple of weeks prior launching the Evoque Convertible in the Indian car market, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) had introduced the new 2 litre Ingenium petrol engine in the XE and XF models. Thus, JLR seems to be concentrating on the petrol powered car models in India, which was even recently known to be a diesel dominated auto market especially when the luxury car market is concerned.


    What Jaguar Land Rover is doing is wise in the light of the decline of the diesel cars in India owing to the stricter emission norms. In fact, JLR is following what many other luxury car makers are following. Audi has also revealed that the company is considering expanding its petrol car portfolio in India considerably in the next few years. The demand decline for the diesel cars can be witnessed across the segments of the Indian auto market. This is because the cost difference between the diesel and petrol is plummeting, while petrol cars are known to be more refined, lasts longer, are relatively cleaner and also comes with lower price tags. The luxury car majors are thus, all slowly going the petrol way and Jaguar Land Rover is no exception.

    While speaking on this development, the Managing Director and President of Jaguar Land Rover India, Rohit Suri said that the company is witnessing a gentle shift towards the petrol powered models, and the company has prepared itself pretty well for this change in demands which has grown over the recent years. The demands have definitely shifted towards the petrol cars and that is the reason why JLR is ensuring that its petrol models are offered in the company's Indian model range.


    JLR has been mindfully bringing in more petrol options in its Indian portfolio, and the examples are clear in the launch of the new Ingenium petrol mill on the XE and XF, the petrol Evoque Convertible and the new Discovery that was launched last year. The Tata Motors owned British luxury auto brand offers the choice of both petrol and diesel on the Discovery luxury SUV, and also offers the engine option across the lineup of the SUV. There is also a huge price difference between the petrol and diesel versions of the luxury SUV and that becomes apparent why JLR has ensured that the petrol engine option is made available across the range. For instance, the base level S model trim on the all-new Discovery with a petrol mill is almost Rs. 10 lakhs cheaper than that of the diesel version, while the petrol top of the range First Edition is cheaper by a whopping Rs. 18 lakhs than its diesel counterpart.

    It is given that the global as well as the Indian auto industry is ultimately moving towards the green electric powered vehicles, for the near future it can be safely said that petrol will be the preferred fuel option of choice for the car buyers, while diesel cars will slowly walk the path of oblivion.



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