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    Leaked: BMW M2 Competition Online

    by Swati Sanchayi on Tuesday, Apr 10 2018

    The much anticipated BMW M2 Competition has been leaked online ahead of its rumored global debut at the Beijing Motor Show later this month. The premium car got leaked on the Australian website of the German luxury automaker revealing all the details regarding the M2 Competition.

    According to BMW Australia, the track-focused coupe will use a 411 hp version of BMW’s S55 twin-turbocharged straight-six engine. This is the same motor that works in the M3 and M4 and replaces the regular M2's N55 engine. The engine will be producing 41 hp more to the rear wheels and enabling a 0-100 kmph sprint time of 4.2 sec. The new sprint time is a tenth of a second quicker than the standard M2. However, the new M2 Competition will offer 50 Nm more torque making it 550 Nm. Other than improved performance in terms of power, the M2 Competition also gets an M Sport exhaust system that can be adjusted through several modes along with new chassis settings to offer sharper handling. However, the transmission duties will be carried out by a seven-speed dual-clutch auto gearbox – no word yet of a manual that comes with the standard M2.


    In terms of design, the leaked BMW M2 Competition offers a range of subtle updates in the form of new 19-inch wheels, black badges, a black kidney grille and a new front bumper. Apart from these, all the other updates including the revised rear light clusters and adaptive LED headlamps and others are carried over from the recently updated standard BMW M2.

     At the inside, the leaked images show a new red starter button, as well as ‘M1’ and ‘M2’ configurable drive mode buttons on the steering wheel. New M4-sourced seats with illuminated badging are the other highlights of the upcoming BMW M2 Competition.


    In terms of pricing, while the current car costs from £46,700 (INR 3730783.20), we can expect the new model to be priced somewhere around to £50,000 (INR 3994414.57). We will have to wait till the automaker makes official announcements regarding the M2 Competition. Stay tuned to for further updates regarding the upcoming BMW M2 Competition coupe.

    Source- BMW Australia



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