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The design patent image of the 2025 Tata Sierra EV recently surfaced online and it confirms our fears. It’s not a Sierra. It’s a good design, but it’s not deserving of the ‘Sierra’ name. Bear with me as I explain why.

2025 Tata Sierra EV

The Tata Sierra, which launched in 1991, failed to bring the sales numbers but it had a unique styling. Two of its unique style features were:

  1. 3-door layout
  2. Curved rear windows

Tata Sierra 1991

When you’re resurrecting a brand, you have to stay true to the spirit of the original. Or at least not stray too far off. Should Tata resurrect the Nano badge with a C-segment sedan, I’ll have a hard time calling it Nano. To earn the Nano name, the car has to have the iconic egg-shell design. Since the Sierra EV patent fails to offer neither the curved rear windows nor the 3-door layout, it’s not deserving of the Sierra name.

The OG Tata Sierra

Tata Sierra

As you can see, the original Sierra had curved rear windows, which were completely see-through all the way to the top beading. The Sierra’s rear windows offered a view to rear seat passengers like few other cars did at the time. Sunroof wasn’t a thing back then; at least not in mass market cars.

Tata Sierra

Then, there’s the matter of a 3-door layout. A spare wheel mounted on the side-swinging tailgate rounded off the design package of the original Sierra.

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2020 Tata Sierra EV Concept: True To The Design, But More Practical

Tata Sierra 2020

At the 2020 Auto Expo, Tata Motors showcased the Sierra EV concept. The iconic rear windows with see-through curved top was present on the driver side.

Tata Sierra 2020

Staying true to the original design, this concept had a single door on the driver’s side. But to make it easy to get to the rear seats, Tata showed a 2-door design on the front passenger side. The front door was a standard hinged one but the rear door slid out of the way to make ingress/egress extremely easy for rear seat occupants. With the doors shut, the rear door disappeared and brought back the look of the original Sierra. Being an early stage concept, the tailgate of this concept car was fixed.

So, it gets better than passing marks in our books. The 2020 Sierra EV concept makes the Sierra more practical without diluting the design elements which made the Sierra a Sierra.

2023 Tata Sierra EV Concept: Strayed Too Far

Tata Sierra 2023

At the 2023 Auto Expo, Tata once again showcased the Sierra EV concept. This time, they had strayed too far off the course. In the interest of practicality, the 2023 Sierra EV concept had 4 standard doors like any other car. Thus, it lost its charm.

Tata Sierra 2023

The beautiful curved rear window was also gone to make way for the beam. It was covered in glossy black sheet to make it look like it had the curved rear glass. But, it mostly looked like a typical Tata SUV. To put it more bluntly, it didn’t stand out.

The tailgate also looked like it would get the hatch treatment, opening upwards as it didn’t have a spare wheel mounted there.

2025 Tata Sierra EV Design Patent: Whose Loss?

Tata Sierra EV

Even after seeing the 2023 Sierra EV concept, I was hoping that Tata would perhaps gather feedback from the audience and fix their mistakes. But they didn’t. The leaked design patent looks like the final nail in the coffin as it even loses the gloss black design element to give it the faux curved rear window look.

They're not even trying to cover it up any more. As if, they’re so confident that they can bring any new design for an SUV, call it Sierra and expect us to respect it. It’s a good design. I’m not challenging that fact. But, it’s not deserving of the Sierra name and still getting it. Not earning it, but getting it as a donation, a pity. Now, that pill is tough to swallow.

Either Tata are losing a legendary brand in the process or we’re losing the Sierra forever. You tell me, who’s losing it?

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