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Google recently revealed the updated Android Auto, incorporating a couple of new features. Google are now rolling out the new Android Auto for all devices. Here are the top 6 features that you should know about the new Android Auto.

New Android Auto

Split Screen Interface

The biggest visual change in the updated Android Auto is split screen. You can now split the screen into 2 parts, which means you can row through your playlist while using Google Maps For navigation. Furthermore, split screen works in all kinds of screen orientations, including twin screens. Apart from 2 equal splits, users also get the option to add small widgets for key operations on one part of the screen. 

Android Auto

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Music And Message Recommendation

The new Android Auto now offers music recommendations based on your taste. Furthermore, it also offers quick message reply suggestions for missed calls and messages. Users can also share their arrival time from the interface with just a few taps.

Android Auto

Seek Feature For Music And Podcasts

One of the biggest irritants in Android Auto was the inability to seek the timeline of your favourite music or podcast. With the new update, Google has rolled out a seekable progress bar for both music and podcasts.

Shareable Digital Key

Google currently offer the option to share the digital key of your vehicle with your family and friends. However, this feature was exclusive only to the Pixel range of phones and iPhones. With the update, Samsung and Xiaomi phone users will also get the option to accept and share digital keys by later this year. Currently, only BMW cars support digital keys but Google are working on expanding this feature with other car brands as well.

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Android Auto

Accept Whatsapp Calls With Android Auto

Till now, users had to use the car’s Bluetooth to accept Whatsapp calls while on the move. With the new update, users will soon get the option to directly accept and reject Whatsapp calls from the Android Auto interface. Additionally, users will also get the option to make calls via Whatsapp as well.

YouTube Playback When Standstill

With the new update, users will get the option to watch their favourite shows and videos on YouTube. It is worth mentioning that this feature will only work when your vehicle is standing still and the parking brake is engaged. 

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  1. D David says:
    February 08 2023 21:17:38

    This is great if only Google would make it available. They have been taking about this for the past year and most have yet to received the upgrade

  2. M MARY BARTIK says:
    March 04 2023 03:20:01

    I know how most of it works. I don't know how you add apps. Can you help me?

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