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    New Mitsubishi Engelberg Concept teased prior to official showcase at Geneva

    by Monalisa Saha on Wednesday, Feb 20 2019


    Japanese automaker Mitsubishi is all set to showcase a new e-SUV concept model at the upcoming 2019 Geneva Motor Show that will be held in March. As per Mitsubishi, the new concept which is named as the Engelberg Tourer will be bringing a lot more SUV appeal, more advanced EV technology and more style all in one package.

    The new Mitsubishi concept tourer model has been named after Engelberg - the rough and beautiful Alpine town that has a history of motoring sports. Presently, details are really scarce about the Engelberg Tourer. However, the company has teased it, which also doesn’t reveal much about the concept. The Japanese company has definitely revealed that it an electrified vehicle with great SUV appeal in its statement. The teaser image shows the signature Dynamic Shield front grille, but that doesn’t tell whether the concept houses an all-electric technology or a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.


    Similar to the company’s earlier electrified drivetrain models, the Engelberg Tourer concept also gets the electric blue version of the company's Dynamic Shield grille. The teaser also reveals roof mounted spotlights, while it is also pretty much clear that the model will exuding a lot of sportiness and bold appeal. The muscle bound hit of the teaser and Mitsubishi’s statement that it will be more SUV, definitely means that the vehicle will be offering a lot of SUV appeal and might be offering sturdy off-roading capabilities as well. Then again, whether it will be a true SUV or a sturdy crossover is still not clear, and we need to wait till the company reveals more about or when it actually debuts at the Geneva Motor Show.

    It is also thought that the Engelberg Tourer concept will not remain to be a concept and will be actually offering a preview to a new upcoming model that Mitsubishi is planning or has already started working on. The third generation Mitsubishi Outlander has been around in the market since 2012, and it would really be great if Mitsubishi brings in an all-new model apart from the new generation Outlander.


    So, the Engelberg Tourer concept could be a preview to an entire new product from the house of Mitsubishi, while it might as well be the preview to the next gen model of the Outlander. The teaser image reveals that the Engelberg Tourer concept will be coming with large air intakes up-front as well as prominent wheel arches, both of which add meanness and boldness to the concept model. The flared wheel arches have been a patent styling element of the Japanese automaker which is known for its burly SUVs.

    On the whole, from whatever can be ascertained from the teaser image, the front fascia of the Engelberg concept is sort of reminiscent of the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept that the Japanese company has displayed at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show.

    So far, Mitsubishi has been successful in creating a buzz around the new concept with its first look. We are eagerly waiting for official unveiling Engelberg Tourer concept and know about its details and technology at the 2019 Geneva Motor show.




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