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    Next generation Ford Focus to boast pothole detection technology

    by Monalisa Saha on Friday, Jun 29 2018

    Ford Focus Main

    When it comes to car rides, we all think of perfectly comfortable, smooth rides; and this is even truer for the passengers than the drivers. Nevertheless, things get tough on rough road conditions, especially on very bad road patches that are ridden with potholes. American auto major, Ford has come up with an advanced solution to fix this issue for car buyers who look for great rides. The next generation Ford Focus will be equipped with a new continuously adaptive damping technology that will be offering a velvety smooth ride experience to all the occupants, even when traveling rough or broken road surfaces. This new technology actually detects potholes and automatically adjusts the suspension system as per the road condition requirements. This advanced suspension technology utilizes as many as 12 high resolution sensors, which can actually “see” and detect the potholes before these are driven over, and thus can make adjustments to the suspension system beforehand to offer very comfortable and smooth rides to the vehicle’s occupants.

    Ford Focus Interior
    Ford Focus Interior
    Ford Focus Exterior

    In the upcoming fourth generation Ford Focus this system will be available as an added option for extra premium on the lower model trims, while the higher model trims will be having it as part of the standard package. When this system detects a pothole via the sensors and by the continuously adaptive damping, it automatically adjusts to the hardest possible setting in a bid to avoid any sharp jerks. The adjustment is to ensure that the wheels of the car don't fall as deep into the potholes as they would if the system was on in place. According to Ford Motors this action also helps in reducing the impact when the wheel bounces back out of the hole which also definitely enhances the comfort level of the occupants. Moreover, while minimizing the jerks and vibrations resulting out of bad road conditions, this system apart from offering smoother ride quality also decreases the chances of damage to the vehicle.

    Ford Focus Exterior
    Ford Focus Exterior
    Ford Focus Exterior
    Ford Focus Exterior

    The advanced ride quality improving suspension system was introduced in the Ford lineup in the car market of US in 2017. However, the next generation Ford Focus will be the first car model from the American car major that will offer this system in the European car markets when it launches there in the coming weeks. Once the all new Ford Focus goes on sale, all the other models in Ford’s lineup that sit above the Focus will be offering it.

    While speaking about this new system, Guy Mathot, Ford's vehicle dynamics supervisor for the next-gen Focus said that the company’s engineers are continuous searching for all the roughest road conditions to test this suspension to the hardest limit. However, more and more they are noticing that the rough roads are instead finding them. Bad road conditions can’t be ruled out and potholes are a real problem that doesn’t seem to be getting solved any time soon but. He added by saying that with Ford’s advanced suspension system for the all new Focus, the company has definitely been able to reduce the impact of the potholes.


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