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    Nissan recalls around 105,000 vehicles to replace defamed Takata airbags

    by Monalisa Saha on Thursday, Jul 19 2018
    Nissan Main

    Japanese auto maker Nissan has issued a voluntary recall of around 105,000 small car models in order to replace the defamed Takata airbag inflators. Nissan has recalled the vehicles in order to fully replace potentially life threatening Takata airbags that have affected a huge number of vehicles from various car majors across the world.

    Takata is a Japanese auto parts manufacturing company which was trusted by many auto majors not only from Japan, but from rest of the world. Auto manufacturing biggies such as Toyota, Honda, Audi, Daimler, BMW, Cadillac, Ferrari, Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, Nissan and many more have been severely impacted by the defective and highly hazardous Takata airbags that has resulted in millions of vehicle recalls all over the world from quite some time and which is going on.  All these global auto manufacturing companies have been sourcing auto airbags from Takata, which after deploying can potentially explode and hurl shrapnel at the drivers and passengers, causing death. Thus, the important safety equipment – airbags, in this case can be potentially more dangerous than that of a road crash.

    Nissan Interior
    Nissan Exterior
    Nissan Exterior

    Coming back to the latest Nissan vehicle recall, the Japanese auto maker has called back the 2011 Versa sedan, and the 2011 as well as 2012 Versa hatchback models. This vehicle recall is applicable only to the cars, which have been registered in the 42 US states and Washington D.C., as part of the massive coordinated phase-in of the Takata airbag related recalls.

    In this current vehicle recall, Nissan will be personally notifying the affected car owners by mail, while the authorized dealers will be replacing the defective airbag inflators. The recall will commence within the current month of July, 2018. Like all voluntary vehicle recalls, Nissan will be replacing the hazardous inflators absolutely free of any charges.

    Nissan Exterior
    Nissan Exterior
    Nissan Exterior
    Nissan Exterior

    Very recently, Nissan has also admitted of falsifying car emissions data. Thus, the automaker has joined the growing group of car makers who have manipulated emissions data and has also admitted to have done the same. The Japanese car maker has admitted of emissions data cheats. Nissan announced that it found out falsifying data practices in the vehicle exhaust emissions tests at most of its car plants in Japan. The company stated that ever since it found out data manipulations going against the specified rules in the final car inspections process at its Japanese manufacturing facilities in September 2017, it has been extensively carrying out broad spectrum compliance checks in the various parts of the company’s operations.

    On the other hand, the now notorious Takata auto parts manufacturer and supplier has been slapped with a $ 1 billion penalty for manufacturing highly hazardous airbag inflators, which can cause severe injuries and death in the car occupants in the event of any collision. Takata used ammonium nitrate chemical in order to create a mini explosion to inflate the air bags quickly on the event of a crash. However, this chemical can deteriorate in high temperatures and humidity and can potentially explode a metal canister as well, which hurls hundreds of shrapnel at the car occupants. So far, at least 23 people have died across the world due to this defective Takata airbags, while over 300 people have been injured.



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