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    Nissan to introduce an all-new EV model at 2018 Auto China

    by Monalisa Saha on Monday, Apr 16 2018
    Nissan-3-EV-2018 -Auto-China-1-933x569

    Japanese auto major Nissan will be putting three electric vehicle models on show at Auto China 2018. Nissan wants to show off its expertise in building modern electric vehicle and its strong positioning in the EV segment. The showcase of the three electric cars will be projecting Nissan as a highly considerable brand in the rapidly growing and highly competitive EV market of China, which is the world largest auto market. As per the reports, Nissan will be unveiling an all-new electric model at Auto China 2018 in Beijing which will be Nissan’s showstopper for the show along with the company’s Leaf e-hatchback and the IMx KURO e-crossover concept.

    Nissan-3-EV-2018 -Auto-China-2-933x569
    Nissan-3-EV-2018 -Auto-China-3-933x569
    Nissan-3-EV-2018 -Auto-China-4-933x569

    The new electric car model will be helping to cater to the growing demands for the electric vehicles in the car market of China, while it will be also highlighting Nissan's huge electrification goals. Apart from the three electric vehicles, the Japanese auto maker will also be showcasing its e-POWER electric powertrain technology.

    In the new race of electric vehicle models in the world, Nissan is quite ahead owing to its Leaf all-electric hatchback which has been the most selling electric model across the globe. The all improved new generation Nissan Leaf model was unveiled in October, 2017. The new-gen Nissan Leaf with its array of new advanced features, better battery range, and self driving capabilities have gained massive interest from the modern car buyers. The new generation Leaf even went ahead bagging the 2018 World Green Car award at the New York International Auto Show and many other accolades within a very short span of time after world debut.

    Nissan-3-EV-2018 -Auto-China-5-933x569
    Nissan-3-EV-2018 -Auto-China-6-933x569
    Nissan-3-EV-2018 -Auto-China-7-933x569
    Nissan-3-EV-2018 -Auto-China-8-933x569

    The Nissan Leaf is also the flagship model for showcasing the company’s Intelligent Mobility system. The introduction of the all new Leaf has certainly boosted the sale of the car, and it is expected to continue to remain the world's bestselling electric vehicle. The Nissan IMx KURO electric crossover concept will be making its Chinese market debut at the Auto China after being showcased for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 in March. This new electric crossover concept will be also strengthening the link between car and driver. The vehicle will become something like a close and dependable driving partner which helps and enhances drive quality and ensures a safer drive experience. The car would also take care of the preferences and comfort requirements of its occupants for a very pleasant and exciting ride experience. The IMx KURO showcases the Japanese auto major’s Brain-to-Vehicle technology, which is the very first of its kind. This futuristic technology detects the signals from the driver's brain and interprets to make the vehicle's autonomous and manual systems to interact and learn from the driver’s inputs.

    There are no details on the new electric car model from Nissan that will debut at the Auto China, 2018. However, we don’t have to wait for long, as the Chinese auto show will soon starts on 25th April.




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