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    Nissan to make future cars lighter with advanced steel construction

    by Monalisa Saha on Thursday, Jun 28 2018

    Nissan Main

    Japanese automaker Nissan has recently announced that it will be making more of its future car models with a new type of steel, which combines high tensile strength along with a degree of formability that was previously unattainable. Nissan has said that this new way of construction will result in lighter vehicles, which will also partially help in lowering the emission levels of the cars as well.

    The usage of high-formability steel to make cars will make Nissan the first automaker to do so. This new type of steel comes with a tensile strength of 980 megapascals, and was co-developed by Nissan and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp. This steel's ability of stamping formability as well as strength will enable the Japanese car maker to form auto parts with complex shapes which are lighter and thinner as compared against those constructed out of conventional high tensile strength steel. Moreover, the high-formability steel will be maintaining the optimum ability to absorb the energy on the event of a collision as well.

    Nissan Exterior
    Nissan Exterior
    Nissan Exterior

    Nissan has launched a sustainability plan earlier this month, which aims at lowering CO2 emission levels of the company’s new upcoming models by a good 40 percent by the financial year of 2022 as compared against the financial year 2000. The Japanese car manufacturer is busily working on several technologies in order to expand the usage of ultra high tensile strength steel and is targeting aiming to make it up to 25 percent of the company's total vehicle parts by weight. This material also makes up to 27 percent of the new QX50.

    The 980 megapascal high formability steel developed that Nissan has developed in association with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal is very convenient and flexible in nature and can be cold pressed, which makes it suitable for mass production requirements. This will enable the company to keep vehicle development costs in check, while also offering the designers at Nissan the great flexibility to create beautiful and sturdy car models that are lighter, safer and offer an overall better drive experience to the buyers.

    Nissan is busy working on several technologies to be fully prepared for the future global auto market. These technologies include advanced EV technology, fully autonomous drive technology, hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicle technology, etc. The high formability steel auto construction technology is part of this large array of new technology development package of the Japanese car maker.

    Nissan Exterior
    Nissan Exterior
    Nissan Exterior
    Nissan Exterior

    The new generation Nissan Leaf EV is already highly popular and bagging lots of accolades soon after its launch last year. The Leaf which is the world’s top selling electric car, has become more contemporary, stylish, full of smart technologies, gets a more powerful battery and offers wider travel range in its all new avatar. Nissan is certainly working on new electric vehicles and has showcased multiple advanced electric vehicle concepts at various global auto shows.

    Being already a highly established name in the electric vehicle market, Nissan is preparing itself for the future all-green auto market which will be dominated by the electric cars.  



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