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    Renault India offers special schemes and discounts for women customers to commemorate Women’s Day

    by Monalisa Saha on Wednesday, Mar 07 2018

    The whole world observes International Women's Day on 8th of March every year. Taking the opportunity to celebrate versatile and beautiful womanhood, the modern ladies splurge quite a bit across the world. Thus, like any festivities or special celebrations various companies offer special offers and gifts to increase the sales of their products during the Women’s Day eek, and the auto makers are also no different. Renault India has come up with its own Women’s Day celebrations that has started from 6th of March and will last till 11th of March 2018. Renault is paying a tribute to the lives of Indian women by offering a slew of schemes and discounts especially for the woman buyers.
    The French car maker is marking this International Women's Day of 2018 with a series of special events celebrating women’s amazing capabilities, their versatility, endurance and outstanding achievements in various fields of life. During the period between 6th and 11th of March, Renault India will offering various schemes and special for only its women buyers which will be available at all the authorized Renault dealerships across India.

    The Women’s Day special offers from Renault includes free car pick up and drop facility, education on the car maintenance and the necessary car checks which are focused on making the women drivers of the country more independent and self reliant when it comes to their cars.


    During the mentioned period, Renault India will also be offering a special 10 percent discount on all parts and Accessories, 10 percent discount on Labor and Value Added Services and 10 percent discount on Renault Secure (Extended Warranty program) and RSA. During this week, the French auto maker will also be offering free vehicle check-ups as well as health check-ups for all its women customers. Apart from these, Renault India will also be providing special offers on Renault Assured insurance renewal and there will also be assured gifts on purchase of a new car for the women customers.

    By offering this whole bunch of schemes and offers during the International women’s Day week, Renault is hoping to offer a more engaging brand experience to all its women customers in India. Thus, the ladies who are Renault car fans can make most by celebrating their womanhood with the French car maker by participating in its week long celebrations which also include a whole lot of activities besides all the above mentioned special privileges for them.

    Apart from being great achievers in diverse fields of life, women are also great car drivers and car maintainers. It has been proven that women are better responsible car drivers and road users as compared against men, who think they are the most proficient drivers. Thus, it is also wise that the various auto makers concentrate on impressing their women customers and encourage them to own more cars and make the roads around the world safer. Several auto majors across the world provide special offers to attract their more responsible women customers, and Renault is no different. 



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