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    Renault planning to launch two new entry-level models in India

    by Mahesh Yadav on Wednesday, Jan 10 2018

    French automaker Renault is looking to grow big in the highly potential Indian auto industry. The carmaker is determined to grab more market shares in India and is planning to offer a slew of new models. Renault got recognition and wide acceptance in India for the first time with the immense success of the Duster compact SUV. In fact, the Renault Duster was one of the models which kick started the massive popularity of compact SUVs in our market. However, the French car maker’s game changer was the Renault Kwid entry-level hatchback. The Kwid made Renault a household name and went head-on to fight with India’s all-time top selling car, the Maruti Suzuki Alto. The Kwid garnered great sales volumes really required by Renault to gain traction in the highly competitive Indian car market. Now, Renault is looking to take advantage of the Indian budget car segments in order to gain more market shares.


    As per an Indian automotive journal, Renault is planning to offer two new entry-level models in India. The first among this is a seven-seat avatar of the Kwid, targeted at the first-time car buyers who need bigger seating capacity. This new model would be based on the CMF-A+ platform (stretched version of the CMF-A platform) and is thought to be in its advanced stage of development. Thus, it is expected to hit the market pretty soon.

    While peaking to the Indian auto portal, the Managing Director of the Alliance A-Segment development unit at the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Gérard Detourbet said that it is evident that the company didn’t create the CMF-A platform to develop only one car. On each platform, the company can develop a lot of things, not only because of various types of bodies, but as the company also has a lot of possible branding.

    The 7-seater Kwid based model that is codenamed as RBC, is expected to be followed by another entry-level vehicle based on the same platform. Detourbet confirmed that the company will have more than one model underpinned by the CMF-A+ platform ultimately. He added by saying that the CMF-A+ is a regular platform and can underpin as many as 7 body types.

    Renault's Japanese Alliance partner, Nissan is also planning a lot of new models for India which will be sharing the platform with the upcoming Renault cars. Nissan is also expected to create CMF-A+ platform based model. However, it might not necessarily be a 7-seater model.


    The Renault Kwid was first launched in India in October 2015, and has managed to sell more than 200,000 units till now. However, the Kwid’s sales figures have taken the downward trend this year. In the April-October period this year, the Kwid’s sales were 20 percent lesser compared to the same period in 2016. The Kwid sales decline has resulted in Renault’s market share in India drop from 4.6% to 3.34%.

    Renault Currently offers only four models in India, namely the Kwid entry-level hatchback, the Lodgy MPV, the Duster compact SUV and the range topping Captur compact premium crossover, which was recently launched. The new upcoming budget offerings can prove to be crucial to offer the required sales boost to Renault in India and help it achieve its targeted 5 percent market share by 2020.




    Mahesh is a fan of compact, quirky and underrated vehicles that punch above their weight. Multix, Nano, Strom R3 and Navi are his favorites.

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