Skoda Rapid Diesel Prices Down By Up To Rs. 1-57 Lakh

Skoda Rapid Diesel Prices Down By Up To Rs. 1-57 Lakh

Skoda has reduced the prices of the Rapid sedan by up to Rs. 1.57 lakh.


Skoda Rapid

Here’s the new price list:

Skoda Rapid Diesel Ex-Showroom Prices


Old Price

New Price

Price Reduction

Active Manual

Rs. 10.06 lakh

Rs. 9.0 lakh

Rs 1.06 lakh

Ambition Manual

Rs. 11.29 lakh

Rs. 10.0 lakh

Rs 1.29 lakh

Onyx Manual

Rs. 11.59 lakh

Rs. 11.59 lakh

No Change

Style Manual

Rs. 12.73 lakh

Rs. 11.16 lakh

Rs 1.57 lakh

Ambition Automatic

Rs. 12.49 lakh

Rs. 11.36 lakh

Rs 1.13 lakh

Onyx Automatic

Rs. 12.74 lakh

Rs. 12.74 lakh

No Change

Style Automatic

Rs. 13.99 lakh

Rs. 12.44 lakh

Rs 1.55 lakh


Since Skoda has reduced the ex-showroom price of the Rapid, it would result in lower registration fee and insurance cost (these vary with the ex-showroom price) in comparison to the older prices. Another benefit is that now, the Active and Ambition variants of the Skoda Rapid diesel manual are under Rs. 10.0 lakh. Therefore, the savings in the registration cost for buyers in certain states will be much bigger.

Also worth noting is that these prices are valid for November 2019. It’s unclear if this offer will be extended into December or not.

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Check the prices on Skoda Official website


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