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    Top 8 fascinating and weird cars from Geneva Motor Show 2018

    by Monalisa Saha on Monday, Mar 12 2018

    While the global auto majors dominate the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, there are also a lot of lesser-known brands with their offerings. Like every year, the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show has been gala affair of magnificent, fascinating and mind boggling weird car models and concepts. Here are the top 8 attention grabbers from the auto show:

    1. Corbellati Missile

    The Corbellati Missile looks like a luxury car for the aliens and claims to pack in a mammoth twin-turbocharged 9.0L V-8 belting out a humongous 1800 hp and 1733 lb-ft of torque. It has full carbon-fiber construction and aims to offer a top speed of over 310 mph.

    2. Eadon Green Zeclat
    Built on Chevrolet Corvette chassis, the Zeclat looks fascinating and wired in its dazzling body. While the outside is so different, on the inside it is unmistakably a patent Chevy. The Bridge of Weir leather is the very weird quotient on the inside. Nevertheless, it is a car to grab eyeballs.


    3. Icona Neo
    Icona design’s Neo concept is a futuristic eye-catching compact four-seater electric city car. The exterior styling draws inspiration from modern Shanghai architecture. There’s a curved rear bench seat that curves behind the driver’s seat.

    4. Icona Nucleus
    The weirdly shaped Nucleus was unveiled at Geneva and is termed as “the ultimate self-driving living room.” This concept is meant for a complete Level 5 autonomous driving and misses a steering wheel and dashboard. It has semi-transparent panels to offer outside view, but the car’s interior won’t be visible from outside. It can accommodate up to 6 occupants, has a table and even a bar too offer a living room setup.

    5. Liberty Walk Ford Mustang
    Japanese customizing company Liberty Walk showcased a Nissan GT-R, a Lamborghini Aventador, a BMW convertible and Mustang in its stall, all with flamboyant and over the top modifications. The modified Mustang is a real stunner.


    6. Klassen Range Rover Limo
    Klassen is a creative customizer and it gave the British luxury SUV an interesting twist with flashing lights, roof extension and German flags. On the inside, the model gets two executive reclining seats, and two rear facing jump seats to accommodate 4 passengers.

    7. Hyundai Kite
    Hyundai’s Design Centre in Europe and the Italian design school Istituto Europeo di Design together brought the Kite concept alive. The Kite is a two-seater all-electric dune buggy cum a single-seat Jet Ski. Well, it has not been explained exactly how this fascinating transformation happens. What happens to the fellow traveler once the vehicle turns into a Jet Ski, there remains a mystery like the rest of the car. However there’s no dying it looks damn good.

    8. PAL-V Liberty
    Flying cars will be a reality soon, and now, PAL-V – the Dutch company claims that it is going to deliver its first Liberty flying car batch by the end of 2018. This pricey flying car does look fascinatingly strange. It morphs to deploy its tail and overhead rotors to fly and this semi-automated process takes around 10 minutes.




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