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    Volvo Polestar Unveils Its First Car Polestar 1 With Hybrid Powertrain

    by Admin on Thursday, Nov 02 2017

    After the Swedish luxury automaker Volvo announced in June 2017 that Polestar, its performance car brand, will become a separately-branded electrified global high performance car company, every auto enthusiast was waiting to see the first car by Polestar. Hence, reducing the waiting time, the automaker confirmed plans for its first three models, a new purpose-built production facility in China and a customer-focused route to market as well as introduced the its first hybrid car, the Polestar 1. The production of the Polestar 1 is expected to start in mid-2019 in the new purpose-built manufacturing facility in China and will feature a hybrid powertrain. The other two upcoming vehicles by Polestar, Polestar 2 and Polestar 3 would be fully electric, battery-powered vehicles.

    Speaking at the unveiling, Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar said, “The Polestar 1 is a performance electric hybrid, but with the longest pure electric range of any hybrid car in the world, we consider it an electric car with support from an internal combustion engine.”


    Under the hood, the upcoming Polestar 1 Volvo’s Drive-E 4-cylinder engine which delivers 599.68 Bhp of maximum power with a peak torque of 1000Nm making it a highly performance driven car. Although, Volvo calls the Polestar 1 a 2-door, 2+2 Grand Tourer Coupe, but when coupled with its internal combustion engine, it seems quite capable of serving the purpose of grand touring as it gets an electric-only range of 150km, which is higher than any hybrid car currently on sale currently.

    Underpinning the performance based Polestar 1 is Volvo’s Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA), However, the 2+2 Grand Tourer Coupe by Polestar still gets around 50 per cent new parts. The all new Ohlins Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension (CESi) making it the first car in the world to be fitted with this advanced chassis technology, braking system is manufactured by Akebono and comprises of 6-piston brake callipers and 400mm discs are the premium technical features that will be on offer with this performance giant.

    Also, the presence of the double electric rear axle that enables torque vectoring between the driven wheels makes the handling experience better for the Polestar 1. The car is also going to be lightweight due to the extensive use of carbon-fibre that helped in shedding around 230kgs and increase torsional stiffness by 45 per cent.


    While the Polestar 1 will be built at the Polestar Production Centre in Chengdu, China, Currently under construction, the facility is due for completion in mid-2018.Also, the manufacturer is planning not to include the dealers in the sales of all the Polestar models as the cars will be ordered 100% online and offered on a two- or three-year subscription basis. The zero-deposit, all-inclusive subscription will also add features such as pick-up and delivery servicing and the ability to rent alternative vehicles within the Volvo and Polestar range, all incorporated into one monthly payment.

    Talking about the other two models by Polestar, while the Polestar 2 will start production later in 2019, it will be the first battery-electric vehicle (BEV) from the Volvo Car Group. Being a mid-sized BEV, the car will compete against Tesla Model 3. The third of the three initial phased models by Polestar, the Polestar 3 will be the larger SUV-style BEV.

    In terms of Polestar vehicles coming to India, the automaker has not hinted anything towards it and also due to the higher tax bracket on hybrids in the country; it seems that Volvo might introduce it with some changes in the powertrain and features. Stay tuned to V3cars.com for further updates on the Polestar models.


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