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    2019 Geneva Motor Show: Kia showcases 'Imagine By Kia' Electric concept

    by Monalisa Saha on Thursday, Mar 14 2019

    After a series of teasers, South Korean automaker Kia has unveiled the Kia Imagine concept model at the ongoing 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Like any latest concept model, this new Korean concept that is officially called the “Imagine by Kia” is an advanced electric vehicle, and given the lasting SUV craze, it is a crossover model with coup like styling.

    The new Imagine by Kia crossover coupe concept flaunts a styling that is smooth and flowing, while it also amalgamates a bit boxy styling at the rear. The front fascia and side profile look stunning with its smooth, elegant coupe-like design. The rear design is rather beefed up and has a raked up rear windscreen with some quirky design elements for the back and the rear roof.

    The Kia Imagine EV coupe-crossover concept also comes with a single sheet of glass which flows from the A-pillar to the top end of the C-pillar offering that off-beat futuristic look to the concept car. Other exterior design elements include the stylized headlights which get single lighting units along with some added sleek lights running above them. The Imagine EV has been also endowed with sporty and large 22 inch alloy wheels, which flaunt attention grabbing plexiglass elements and add to the car’s futuristic appeal. The vehicle also gets a panoramic sunroof which has been cut off in a sharp angle.


    The Kia Imagine EV concept have some nice design elements to like such as the aggressive and signature “tiger nose” front fascia, which has been fully illuminated, the stylish tail lights that are reminiscent to the Stinger and more. On the whole, the exterior design of the ‘Imagine By Kia’ is a mix of elegant, cool, quirky, smooth and muscular.

    The real highlight of this South Korean electric coupe-crossover concept is on the inside. The concept model flaunts a dashboard that is formed by not one, not two, but as many as 21 LCD displays. Moreover, none of these LCD screens are very big and are approximately the size of smartphones. The cockpit of the crossover also shows smooth and stunning along with a yoke-style steering wheel to heighten the appeal.

    Going by its name and the details that have been revealed by the company, the Kia Imagine concept seems to be a design study, which gets quite a few over the top elements. Kia has not revealed any specification details about the concept crossover. Thus, there is nothing known about how many electric motors run the EV, what is its battery capacity, how long does it take to charge or what sort of travel range it is capable of offering. Tech details are also not known similar to the under the hood mechanical details.


    So, it is only natural to think that the Imagine By Kia is just a work of the imagination of Kia’s design teams and the concept is not meant to hit the production. However, this EV concept might be offering a look at what sort of design elements will be adopted by Kia’s future electric vehicle lineup.

    With the exterior design of the ‘Imagine by Kia’ the company seems to have amalgamated the muscularity of an SUV, the practicality of a crossover and the elegance and style of a sedan. However, although parts of the concept car look stunning, the whole design seems to be tad awkward and not well blended. We sure hope Kia will be able to do a better job of mixing all these cool elements in the future to offer something really wow.




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